What are these folks upto?

Last Update: September 24, 2015


Dear Family........archiengi dot com.

I got a an email. I checked the site as below

I found that content is minimum. There are gallaries. There is a video and heavy load of Ads.

So I just re-searched on this site. Check these stats......

Well they say this site is $124,668 - Interesting value.....

Ok then look at this stats further....

Did you observe the following.....

  • The site is 28 days old.......
  • Heavily SEO indexed... ( Google Ads???)
  • No much social sharing
  • 100 bucks perday ad revenue estimate.

I assume that siteprice is genuine and a good estimate, Still I have the Q - WTF? How is this possible?

If so, what are we doing here?

Any thoughts?

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Pisquali Premium
If you have the right images t seems you can pull in the crowds. Has to be something unusual.
krazykat Premium
Hmmmm Interesting and strange. I hope you find an accurate answer.
krazykat Premium
So, I was quite intrigued by this and keep coming back here looking for explanations.
I just took another close look at the site. It is quite a mish-mash of unrelated posts.
Could it be that each of those posts have excellent keywords attracting that much traffic?
It is bizarre. I'm not even sure I would give it a close look if I came across it randomly.
TanjaRita Premium
So I just had a look at the site and there is a lot of stuff, most related to architecture and engineering, but also some odd stuff. Here is what stood out:

-There are posts from 2014 (so the site can't be that new)

-Most posts contain only a paragragh or so, the rest are images

-at the bottom of many posts it says something like "shared via forexample.com). When you click on that link it takes you to another site with the exact same article

-found one lengthy article that was about freezing away fat cells and it had 7.4k shares. When I went back in to double check that number it all of a sudden had 0 shares

-not sure why there are articles related to weight loss

-about section is very vague, talks about engineering and architecture with this as the last paragraph
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Anyone else find these things a bit strange?
LLiu Premium
Pretty odd! I am not sure either...can't give you an answer .
TanjaRita Premium
Wow, I wish I could answer this, but I can't. I am just as stumped as you are. Hopefully someone can share some insights with us. I don't even know how to pronounce the name of the sight.
SridharRay Premium
Tanja - some guy has Architecture and Engineering as theme.....
Archiengi - so domain name does not matter, looks like
He has huge content. It is like a directory not a website.
So many ads there..... I think there is lot of thought and planning gone in this authority site.... But I am baffled.... $3000/m revenue even before 1 month old baby site??? Phew..........
There are possibilities Tanja...
I would be curious, how much this guy is paying for ads or it is complete organic traffic. May be SEO, as google index is good....
Will wait for others to comment as well, we have stalwarts in this family....
TanjaRita Premium
I didn't actually click on the site. I will take a closer look. Something didn't seem right about it.