Three years at WA - I Am Happy To Be An Independent Person

Last Update: July 15, 2018

It is a while I was away from WA.

With a purpose.

I am happy to share with you that I quit my day time job as an exec an year ago.

Presently I manage two companies -

One my own coaching company and other a hi-tech business where I am CEO and board member.

I am happy that I joined WA 3 year ago. I did not become super affiliate. Rather, I became affectionate person to my family, friends and my employees being an entraprenuer.

That was my dream.

To help others - earn the living and be happy.

Dream fulfiled.

Journey began.

Sharing with my family here.

WA is a great platform. Expand your horizon. Apply the learning to become more of you and what you are.

Discover your life purpose. Enjoy the life!

Have a great week-end.

More importantly TAKE ACTION!!

Sridhar R

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PaulHuggins1 Premium
That's awesome news!
AlanJE Premium Plus
Congratulations on your achievements Sridhar, Best Alan
melindac Premium
Congrats! That's awesome.
mergie1 Premium Plus
Well done, must have been a wonderful feeling to finally quit that job.
kmer6 Premium
Hey, Sridhar, for sharing. You are proof that the system here works and that no matter what direction you proceed you will have the skills to make it your own.
SridharRay Premium
Yes, Right education before any action is important. WA helps there.