Jaxxy is very powerful.

Last Update: September 16, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I want to share my experience with Jaaxy.

5 months ago I zeroed on a domain name. It is a long tail one in IM Niche. The name has seven words in it. It feels like a train with seven bogies :).

I showed this name to few of my friends. They made their observation and comments - telling me that - What is there in SEO name? it can be anything, keep two words, brand it , blah blah blah.

I have no experience either to defend or offend then. I had my orifices shut.

I left the website unattended with hello world page, No posts, just like that as I became busy with other stuff.

Today, I see that the domain key word attracts 53 people a day. And Today I have a complete product in the Niche which I am going to have in next few days and launch.

Assume a conversion of 6% for 10 buck with a backend of 47, 97, 297 bucks with 1% conversion, you can calculate affiliate commisions I can get from this traffic. What it if I have Aweber? What if I write SEO posts? What if I do a swipe. Possibilites are endless.

I don't assume what success I can see, but i have confidence that more organic traffic is feasible because, I have traffic. I need to use the longtail keyword more.

That's it.

Folks, please learn the tricks of SEO- use jaaxy, Daily do key word research, take massive actions.

Dont get loyal to yourself. Stay hungry, Stay foolish. WA teaches all. Let the simplicity of SEO not fool us. solo and email swaps are based on lucky parnerships and costs bucks. It is foolish to ignore SEO. SEO with Ux is the future.

Good luck folks, make a ton of money. Aim millions. Use Jaxxy. I like Jaaxy ( she is my damsel, Ah! don't ping my wife with this info, it is a secret wishper only & Only for you!!!)

~Sridhar Rayasam

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Thischick Premium
I agree with everything you said :)
Pisquali Premium
Great story Sridar. There is power in those words.
TopAchiever Premium
What a unique and engaging post! Thanks for sharing Sridhar!
PjGermain Premium
Awesome, Sridhar!!!
krazykat Premium
Great blog! Thank you!