Pilots Talking.

Last Update: April 20, 2017

Hi every one here at WA today just a little about how pilots have a language all of their own. It reminds me a lot about the digital world many of us find ourselves in at present. The internet has a plethora of words and descriptions many of which I find fascinating - Algorithm - Backend - Blackhead( another word for a hacker) - Breadcrumbs - GIF - Pingback - Slug - Vlog - Wrap Text - Zilch(meaning zero).

What Pilots say when having a pint at the flying club pub.

Wow! that aircraft is climbing out like a "Homesick Angel" : meaning the aircraft performs well on the climb.

Now that's what I call an absolute greaser" meaning that it was a very smooth landing.

Looks as if that guy trying to land has Kangeroo wee in his tanks": meaning he is bouncing while trying to land.

An American friend of mine and fellow pilot always used to say when an aircraft had outstanding short field capabilities " The aircraft can take off on a Nickel and land on a Dime"

When flying multi engined aircraft - grab yourself a fist full of throttles and get airborne!

Air law - There is 12 hours between Bottle and Throttle!

When an engine stops in mid flight(Very rare) - " the silence was almost deafening"

There is nothing so useless as the sky above you : meaning in case of a engine failure you can only use the sky below or air beneath the wings.

Wiliam Shakspeare also wrote about aviation " maintain thyne airspeed lest the ground shalt rise and smite thee" -------Airspeed keeps you alive when flying aircraft - below a certain speed the aircraft will stall.

Just me having a bit of fun and here's wishing you all plenty of sunny blue skies and lots of sales!

Take care.


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Aandzia12 Premium
Excellent can fly with confidence now. I understand that language. Perfect thank you
drcmaint Premium
Yes. And check 6.
ETZEL Premium
Hello Johan,

What a bomming of new words !

Each niche has his own !

Language is beautifull !

Playing with words more !


speedking Premium
Yeah, we live in an interesting and exciting world Attila.
ETZEL Premium
One looping a day keeps the doctor away
mickeyb123 Premium
'kick the tires and light the fires'

I was in the air wing in the Marine corps during Vietnam...

speedking Premium
That must of been an experience not to be forgotten.Met a guy many moons ago who used to fly choppers in Nam.........what a character!
mickeyb123 Premium
Yes, it was an experience and something I would NOT want to repeat!
tomarillotta Premium
Great post! Loved it. Here is the US, I belong to CAP (Civil Air Patrol)! You hit home on this one.
speedking Premium
Wow you are very privileged, enjoy every moment of it.