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A friend asked me the other day if I think that Affiliate Marketing has a future?.......Ofcourse I immediately answered in the affirmative.! So that evening out of pure curiosity, decided to Google just for interest sake. It makes for very informing content and there are literaly swarms of articles on the subject.Affiliate/digital marketing will be around for many years to come and it is here to stay for a very long time indeed. We are experiencing the fourth industrial revolution - It's a fusi
July 03, 2020
Wishing a happy 4th of July day to all of my American friends where ever you might be in the world!Take care.........................Johan.
Hi to all, just to recap in that we have successfully relocated to The Hague The Nrtherlands from Amman, Jordan, M/East. I now am fully ready to restart my training here WA and feeling very looks like there have been a few changes in the meantime, but will quickly adapt and get into the swing of things.Wish me luck please and yes I do have a million questions which I know will be answered by this wonderful assured of my gratitude and appreciation at all times
March 21, 2018
Hi to all the good folks of WA out there where ever you might find yourself. My time here in Jordan M/East has now come to an end and its back to my base in The Netherlands - The Hague. This now also leaves me to put all my new founded free time into what I always have my very own online marketing website. Although I have been absent from participating here at WA I still kept looking in from time to time (Paying my annual fee during the last few years with pleasure but without
August 28, 2017
Good day to ya all and what a pleasure to be back with all my WA friends. Seemingly I have recovered from my Angina attack and now I'm the proud owner of a STENT! When life bowls a curved ball at you it all depends as to how you will handle the situation and how well you bat in order to hit it for a six (That's cricket speak of course)...........Attitude comes to mind here and the best is not to allow the situation to overwhelm you. The good news is that there is no damage to the heart and a se
July 06, 2017
Hello to all my friends here at Wealthy Affiliate, it's great to be back after a great holiday in Europe.............back in Amman, Jordan, M/East all seemed to be ops normal while on a quick weekend at a dead sea spa(One hour's drive away) when out of the blue yours truly developed a chest pain - drove back to Amman and went to The Arab Clinique where I was promptly examined. Found myself hooked up to all sorts of pipes, monitors and machines and into the theatre for an anagram which showed a
May 04, 2017
Hi to all my friends here at WA, glad to say that I have recovered from a really bad flu which spilled over into bronchitis! This was the worst I have ever experienced by far. There seems to be a lot of it doing the rounds here in Amman, Jordan, April/May being the worst months of the year.Today is the first day in two weeks I have my strength back and the will to carry on with my WA activities.Take care and stay healthy.Johan.
April 20, 2017
Hi every one here at WA today just a little about how pilots have a language all of their own. It reminds me a lot about the digital world many of us find ourselves in at present. The internet has a plethora of words and descriptions many of which I find fascinating - Algorithm - Backend - Blackhead( another word for a hacker) - Breadcrumbs - GIF - Pingback - Slug - Vlog - Wrap Text - Zilch(meaning zero). What Pilots say when having a pint at the flying club pub.Wow! that aircraft is climbing o
April 19, 2017
According to John Rampton, a highly successful entrepreneur and online marketer as well as startup enthusiast talent is totally overrated. This is what he has to say:Regardless if you are an entrepreneur, athlete, coach,artist,or politician we all face hurdles and setbacks at some point of our lives.There is a distinct separation between becoming a success or failure. It all boils down to resilience, confidence and not talent. Mentally tough people are the ones that can tackle, endure and push
April 13, 2017
Hi to all my friends here at WA. Wishing you all a wonderful and Blessed Easter weekend wherever you might be in the world. A special reminder to be extra careful on the busy roads and to maintain safety at all times.Somewhere in the Middle East engraved in stone the following message was found dated back to ancient times - "It is better to wait a moment in life than to lose your life in a moment"Stay safe, stay gold and enjoy!Johan.