How Are You Guys Handling This Quarantine Lifestyle?

Last Update: Apr 8, 2020

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I don't know about you, but I'm going nuts here. I miss going out doing the things that I enjoy doing. Being stuck in the home is driving me crazy.

Even my son, who is autistic and, who doesn't want to go to school, looked at me yesterday and said, "school," Lol.

What are you guys doing to keep your zen? I miss my zen, and any advice will undoubtedly help. Thanks!

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To keep my "zen", I do devotions in the am along with yoga and maybe a walk to clear my head then start the day.

Being retired, I get so sidetracked going out and doing things (travel, hiking, kayaking, reading groups, bunco, etc). This has been a great. No distractions to do what I came here to do. Finally I'm making time to work on WA. I'm creating more content, fixing some things on my sites. This may be our new reality where people are purchasing online and I want to be set up for it.


Hey Debbi,

It so nice to see you. OMG, I used to do bunco a long time ago. Yeah, I couldn't agree with you more that people are shopping online more often than usual as I'm doing that as well. Adjusting to this new norm is hard. So much is going on in the world. I worry a lot and I have to find a way to release it. I guess I have to figure out new activities to help! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, again it is so nice to see you. Blessings to you!

I have not been affected hardly at all.
I have been working from home for many years now and I am used to staying inside for many hours behind a computer because
that is my job.
I always have the TV on in the background and on mute. I will read the bottom of the screen and if something attracts my attention I turn the volume up and listen to it. Lately with the COVID-19 I do find myself listening to a little more news.
When I need to clear my brain I do have a one acre lot that I can go outside and roam around. I live in New Mexico so we have yards around here!
I was used to going to the grocery store about every 2 weeks. So, that I still do but I protect myself.
I find that my mind and heart is more concerned with the many people that have died to this deathly virus and as I write in my grateful journal every morning I thank God I am still alive. The journal is not new. I have done that all my life. But, maybe it is time for someone else to think about starting one.
When a person is on a diet and they take out all the cookies and cakes then some will start to feel deprived. Maybe instead of a feeling of being deprived a person could look around their surroundings and be grateful they are here to still enjoy what is left. I find myself doing that even more with this virus going around.
So, my life has not changed too much at all only in the area of being even more grateful for my life, my family, my friends. And very very grateful for what I do have.

Hey Mary,

I do say that life could be worse. I am grateful for what I have, but I'm human too and new adjustments are difficult. You are so lucky to have large area outside that you can roam around. I think I'll try to journal more, sounds like a great way to release feelings. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Keep safe, and Blessings to you.

I do like my home and land that I have. I know it would be hard on me if I didn't have it. Also, the journal is my way of handling a lot of things. If you decide to journal then you may want to decide what kind of journal you will do. For example, I have a grateful journal and list what I am grateful for. I put at least 5 things a day. Then I have a work journal where I list what I have done that day. I have a friend and family journal that is for real time phone calls. I believe in still calling people and hear their voice and let them know I am here for them. I do the on the computer except for the grateful one. That is one that I do by hand. I also just use plain notebook paper and a notebook. I don't buy journals. Then once a week and then once a month I glance over my journals and I like to do that on a Sunday. It is a time of reflection for me. You also keep safe and may God bless.

Hey Mary, I want a grateful journal. Sometimes I forget especially when frustration is a feeling that I have.

What seems like an excellent idea is to journal about what I have done for the day.

I already journal about my business, but not what I actually accomplished or didn't for that day.

I prefer to use a notebook because it's good to be away from gadgets as part of my time. Anyhow, thanks for your tips, much appreciate it, Mary. God bless.

I just focus on my work Evelyn.
I am getting loads done on my websites.
I also talk to family via facetime and then we do group chats via Zoom. It helps.
I am used to travelling and staying with family 3 times a month which I really miss.
My husband prefers it like this, he is antisocial and doesn't talk much, so its his idea of heaven not having everyone popping round all the time or looking after grandkids.
What about taking up a hobby?

Hey Linda, your husband is in heaven right now. I always thought I like being at home, but not that like this, Lol. I'm going to try and do different things at home and see how it goes. I do communicate with my family which does help, but it's still not the same. At first I'd spend a lot of time on social media, but it gets old too. I'm going to have to figure out a new balance. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, much appreciate it!

Praise & Worship a lot. We're not only in a "Selah" moment, but God is doing a major reset in & for us globally.

We must take this time to prepare & keep oil in our lamps & our refill containers, for when this ends, the Jesus we will display along with His "Peace that passes all understanding," & the glory we will carry will definitely be seen upon us.

We must take this time to examine ourselves with the Lord &, like King David, ask Him to examine our hearts. If there be any wicked way in us, let us repent, humble ourselves, bow before Him & repent & renounce them.

Let's decree "Chai" (Hebrew, Life) over ourselves, ask for His strength to uphold us. We must be courageous & do not fear--for this too shall pass.

As His Sons & Daughters, we are joint heirs with Christ & are jointly seated with Him in the heavenlies as I speak--one foot in the heavenlies receiving revelation & strategies to bring into the earth realm, to decree with the authority, dominion & power that we have been given!

We reign with Christ NOW! Let us exercise our Faith & cast out & off unbelief! We are a peculiar people! We ARE THE LORD'S!

We have also forgotten how to have "REAL" relationship with one another. This present world has brought in many distractions. We are to love our families and our neighbors as ourselves. Let's hope we love ourselves enough to be able to do this.

Jesus said, "If you truly love ME, you will obey my commands!"

This is what I have been doing, We ALL need this reset!

Amen. Blessings...

Hey Terry,

Amen. God works in mysterious ways! Thanks for sharing your wonderful reply.

Blessings to you!

Life here in the UK is the same. It still doesn't feel real, when you go out and nobody is about it's like the end of the world. I miss human contact and the sad thing is this won't get better for a while. Things just won't be the same again.

I spend half of my time now working on my business, and on the half I play guitar and write music, it helps get me away from reality. Also, surprisingly for me I have even discovered gaming which I never thought would interest me but it's quite addictive lol.

Do you have any hobbies that you can do indoors? Ever thought about learning an instrument? It's great for the soul.

Stay safe, god bless.

Hey Andrew,

I agree with you that things won't be the same again. Besides working on my business, no indoor hobbies. My daughter has her VR device in her room and I'm thinking about checking that out.

Thanks for your tips.

Stay safe as well and God bless!

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