Wow made the top 50 last night

Last Update: May 21, 2019

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Absolutely delighted to have made the top 50 last night checked my ranking and it said 46.

To get ranked 46 out of all the helpful members in here is certainly no small thing, would like to say a big thanks to all my fellow WA friends and followers for all your support.

You may like to also check out my recent video as it helped me a lot when I was at a low point in my business many years ago.

Wishing You All Lots Of Success In Your Blogging Business :-)

Recent Comments


Congratulations on your success. You have worked hard for it. Regards Shane.

Thank you, Shane, couldn't do it without people like you :-)

Congratulations!!! Carry on the great work!!!

Will do :-) thanks.

Congratulations! You deserve it because you do provide a lot of helpful training. Your post are worth reading.

Thank you very much :-)

Awesome! Congratulations. Keep up the good work :-)

Thanks very much :-)


Thank you.

I was just watching your Landing Page tutorial. Great stuff man. Helped me out a lot.

That's great glad to hear it helped you :-)

Congrats. You provide alot of great training.

Thank you :-) are among the top WA Fellow Affiliates. That is great!

Thank you :-)

Congratulations on cracking the top 50!


Thank you, Cal :-)

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