My first post DONE!

Last Update: July 25, 2018

So after a weeks work of trying to get the structure of my post how i wanted it, and pushing through the lack of energy after work. I have finally got my first post done and published and am happy with how it looks.

I feel as tho your first post is definatly the hardest post you do as you need to decide on what your writing style is, and the only way to do that is to write of course.

If anyone is interested in checking out my work here is a link to my page.

Once again thankyou for all the support everyone and keep up the good work.


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HazelH Premium
Congratulations, Jarrin.

As you say the first post probably Is the hardest - it does get easier:)

Best Wishes
Defiant6 Premium
Congratulations on getting your first post done! It is a great feeling to get your first piece of content up and running on your site. That first post is always the hardest, but as you get experience in writing content for your website, you'll eventually come back to that first post and wonder "Why did I think that was so hard?" :)
gehnrhcomca Premium
Excellent post! Easy to follow, simple and to the point. Keep going!
MiaL Premium
There will be many more to come! Well done Jarrin, keep up the great work.
MrTBlack Premium
My first post seemed to be the hardest for me as well. Keep moving forward, you are on your way to succeed.