Week 1 with WA!

Last Update: August 24, 2014

I have completed one week with WA and my site is up; I don't have all my content, I still have far to go but I feel I've made much progress. Now I have to get the traffic coming, get my links in and seriously brush up on my keywords. I haven't quite grasped them yet so I will review. Obviously no funds yet but I have looked into another affiliate site that I can do business with and I hope it works out! So, on to my next lesson!!

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EH68 Premium
I just started our on Premium today and looking forward to having content incorporated into my webpage. It's exciting and amazing to see it all slowly but surely coming together. I enjoy reading your posts they are inspiring and motivating for me a great reminder that I am on the right track ;) Cheers! Eth
sherril Premium
sounds like a great start best wishes
tmmom Premium
Congratulations and keep on going1
suphatp Premium
So good.
Ken-Pringle Premium
Congrats Sharon.
You are doing fantastic.
Thanks, Ken!
Ken-Pringle Premium
You are welcome, your rank is good your followers doing great.
You are goining through the lessons, and implementing them.
Successes are just ahead.