September 09, 2014
Just wanted to let everyone know that I upgraded my Jaaxy account and have a yearly subscription to the world's most advanced keyword tool!
September 03, 2014
On my 20th day with Wealthy Affiliate I have committed to a year membership. When I started I had planned on making this a life long endeavor anyway with hopes of generating some extra income and building something to pass on to my children. So, why not commit to the first year! Why not commit to the second, third and every year after that? I intend to make this a success and I know it will take time; time to learn, time to build, time to share. So here's to many successful years ahead wit
August 24, 2014
I have completed one week with WA and my site is up; I don't have all my content, I still have far to go but I feel I've made much progress. Now I have to get the traffic coming, get my links in and seriously brush up on my keywords. I haven't quite grasped them yet so I will review. Obviously no funds yet but I have looked into another affiliate site that I can do business with and I hope it works out! So, on to my next lesson!!
August 23, 2014
Finally added some content to a couple of pages! Feels great! Just a couple more to go before I go to the next step, producing Traffic!
August 21, 2014
Welcome to all of today's new members! Don't forget; interact, interact, INTERACT!!! That is how you increase your following and improve your rank. Ask questions. Everyone wants to help and be a part of your success! Welcome to the family!
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August 16, 2014
Again, thanks to all of you who are following me and those who will follow me in the days to come. Success to all!
Wow! My head is spinning! I joined WA a little over 15 hours ago and what I have learned is astounding! I said I could devote one hour per day to this but I am so excited about it I'm going to have a hard time spending ONLY one hour! I couldn't leave the site! The way WA'ers embrace you is heart warming! My gmail account is on fire! I wanna check out everyone's profiles and read their blogs and take their mini-courses and soak up all the knowledge that WA has to offer. I started respo