Motivation Explained!!!

Last Update: September 01, 2013

So what is motivation? Something to say that you are wanting to do what it is that is in front of you? We all know it is something that comes and goes, and I think that is the most important thing to realize.

You can be motivated, not motivated, and back to being motivated all again in the same day! How crazy is that! It's because motivation is usually caused by outside forces. It is the motivational speech that puts the fire in you again. It is the sayings that you read in the morning.

However even though it is from the outside, it still is very important. Zig Ziggar says, "Motivation is like hygiene, its required daily." I love that quote because it is so true. We need to keep ourselves upbeat, going forward. Yes, some days will be harder then others, but that is what motivation is for. To get you pumped up. To get you excited.

So just because you don't have motivation doesn't mean you aren't working towards what you want. Because being successful is about doing what it takes regardless of how you feel. And that is because feelings come and go. Happiness, sadness, excitement, joy, anger. All come and go like night and day.

So if you realize this, you can go with the flow of your emotions and feelings easier because you understand what is happening. So keep up the good work! And know, that for the valley you might be in right now, there is a coming mountain you are going to feel like you are on top of the world soon enough!! Keep going forward and you WILL succeed in your goals!

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SuccessDEUS Premium
Yeap ! Great way to start my morning ;) Very true and interesting

Julio (SuccessDeus)
dwdad99 Premium
Keeping your motivation vs getting motivated is very hard indeed.When I played sports, I would write notes and place them all through the house. I would stop and read each one periodically to remember what the importance was and what I needed to do.
It worked for me and I use that to some extent today through my own daily tasks.
Good post,
skyhorse Premium
Nice, good idea to do. Thank you.
georama Premium
Tks for this motivational diet. If taken daily it may add to horsepower.
skyhorse Premium
Yep yep. You're very welcome!!!
Mikegg Premium
The top is the place to be at great view there!
Success is a reflection of who we become as grow and improve during our journey.
It's true sometimes you have a bad day and just need to ignore and get things done.
But it's much easier to keep up the motivation doing something we believe in.
skyhorse Premium
Heck yes!!!
Trialynn Premium
Yeah!! I'm climbing that mountain, ready for the view from atop the world!!
skyhorse Premium
Come on up here! The view is great!!!