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Last Update: March 12, 2015

I have Blogged this as the Question Field seems not to not show all.

A long story but I cancelled my subscription, in error, via my PayPal a/c. Kyle & Carson have not responded to my query on the questions below, sent 3 days back.

1. Can one get Hosting at WA if one is not Premium?
2. Are my accounts disabled 30 days after 10March when I cancelled or after my paid year up membership runs out in June?
3. Is there not an EFT system? I am willing to pay once off yearly but not happy with this automatic re-ocurring hanging over my head?

I have a genuine phobia about re-occuring subscription payments and feel it's a subtle form of "draining an account when one is not looking". (What if one forgets, has a stroke, dies? They will continue taking it off regardless!)

With our horrific exchange rate (R11-$1) I have to be vigilant and a yearly unwanted/unoticed 'take off' can be huge. Any feedback welcome. (Before this Blog is censored? - Please try not to, Kyle & Carson!)

In conclusion I feel WA is great source of training and information. and Kyle and Carson have done an amazing job! However my decision to continue with WA is in the balance and it would be nice to get some more feedback.

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lesmac1 Premium
Skc: I feel your pain...I truly believe that this is nothing more than a money making machine for Kyle and Carson. They have truly found a 'niche". I find it very very difficult to navigate the site, and I may be wrong, but I have suspicions that all these people who rant and rave about it work for them. I will continue to carry on until my month is finished, and I HATE the fact that it is one of those "recurring" scams whereas they take your money every month. I don't even let the electric company do that. Keep in touch, but I believe there are better ways of keeping a brain like yours occupied. Now mind you, I may be completely wrong, but I did this same gig years ago, and it was absolutely the same thing, only FREE. It was called "the 30 day challenge", and AFTER you completed it, then you could pay them if you so chose to, and continue your efforts.. I have searched for them online and I guess they don't exist anymore, but I liked it much better. As I said, I may be totally WRONG, but so far not a good experience. The website is too complicated for me, and I am no idiot. Best of luck to you my friend.......
skc Premium
Thanks lesmac1. At last some honest input!
I too am on the verge of packing it in...these guys have not even had the decency to come back on my query. Much of the 'extras' here it seems, is to promote WA itself and I just wonder when everyone and their dog is trying to sell it, just who is really scoring in the end!
To save I had opted for the annual payment but thankfully I noticed that this came off automatically without warning every year. At a 13:1 exchange rate this is a whopping amount for me and wasteful with my limited time to do more on WA. The right thing should have been to give one the option every year. Easy to do in this age of PC letters, but not done in this greedy world we live in.
If we lose contact then best of luck to you too!
(Remember you can still always visit my site which should still be out there in cyberspace)
MarionBlack Premium
Free members can only have two SiteRubix subdomains hosted. Free members cannot have top level (.com) domains hosted. You cannot revert to a free membership once you have been a premium member.

I recently saw a video from either Kyle or Carson and it showed something like 63 PMs waiting to be answered. (Nothing to do with the video I watched but it gives a glimpse of the sheer volume of PMs they receive.) They do answer their messages but we need to be patient.

I also saw Jay's (magistudios) recent wabinar and he had a red box suggesting that he save by paying annually so last week he was paying monthly.

You will be given a week or two of grace to remain a Premium member from the date your annual membership runs out in June so if you are experiencing financial difficulties your hosting stays intact. Even after the period of grace you are given a little time to transfer your website to another host. I think it's a total of 30 days from the date your annual subscription runs out.

You're not the first person to have financial difficulties when it comes time to pay the annual membership. I've had private conversations with at least two members on this subject.

If you can't afford the annual membership you can choose to pay monthly until you can save up enough money to pay the annual subscription - just another option. I'll be doing that for a little while when my annual subscriptions runs out and Kyle has messaged me that it's OK.

Everyone can see your questions except you. I can't find my tutorials by typing the in question box because I wrote/videoed them but everyone else can find them.

I agree that WA is totally awesome and I'll still be here for years to come.

Take care,
skc Premium
Thanks Marion.
One of my questions was, does the hosting run out 30 days after I accidentally unsubscribed in Paypal (in March) or does it run out 30 days after my paid up for the year membership, runs out in June? If June this will give me time to consider and gather resources otherwise if it runs out soon I may well have to 'abandon ship!'

I not sure why Kyle & Carson don't have more help to respond to peoples queries. Surely they make enough out of this venture to employ some staff!
MarionBlack Premium
You have paid until June so your subscriptions does not run out until the paid period expires plus those extra days. I'm sure K & C do employ staff but they must also want to keep the personal touch as much as possible.
Kathy331 Premium
It can sometimes take a few days for Kyle and Carson to respond to messages but they will get back to you. Manchini has the right answer to 1 and 2, I don't know the answer to 3.

You might want to also consider contacting support, they're usually much quicker with an answer.
skc Premium
Thanks Kathy,
Yes it would be nice to get some response from the 'powers that be.' I'll try support in the meanwhile.
Kathy331 Premium
Unfortunately Kyle and Carson get thousands of pms, they do get through them but it can take a few days. If I see any of them in chat I'll point them to this post. :)
Manchini Premium
1.if you are not premium you will not be hosted on WA; 2. I think when ur membership time runs out; 3 if you upgrade yearly you will be on WA on much less fee than paying monthly. hope it helped :)
skc Premium
Thanks Mancini,
At least that answers that but it would be nice to get some response from the 'powers that be.' I'll try support in the meanwhile.