Last Update: June 19, 2015

I see my final day with WA has arrived..

I am leaving mainly because of financial and time issues. To re-register at our dismal exchange rate of 12:1, especially in lieu of the limited time I currently have for WA training, is just not worth it.

To my fellow WA's.
Thanks for all the follows and especially to those who have given me genuine, invaluable advice and encouragement on this journey of "web design discovery." Some who spring to mind are 'Willingtotry' 'Bazboy' and 'MBlack,' 'SuiGeneris, ' 'Carliaves,' 'Divajunk.' Thank you you so much. I cannot remember all the rest but you know who you are.

To Kyle & Carson, Jay et al.
Thank you for your help and for setting up this amazing enterprise which I was fortunate to have found to start web design. I did feel sometimes that direct feedback was lacking, but I guess with the abundance of help already available amongst WA members, you want to and are able to, spend more energy on keeping the 'machine' running so well.
Maybe at some stage you could consider allowing Premium to revert back to the Standard membership, with say a reduced fee for hosting. It would be nice to be able to keep some foothold in the 'old nest.'

The "bird has now left the WA nest" for the vast "internet sky" but thankful for the foundation WA has given me.
You're always welcome to "visit" at site It is with new hosts, in need of much attention again and quite static at the moment..("The bird is currently floundering on the ground,":) Given time, it should eventually "get off the ground and into the air" again.

To those of you who are genuinely depending upon website business for a living... All I can say is; If you stick it out, spend up to 110% on your effort when able, and follow the training guidelines of WA, you cannot avoid eventually achieving the success you are seeking.

Good Luck, Goodbye, & Best Wishes!
In Appreciation


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TerrBarr Premium
Going with grace, full marks to you and your valuable feedback.
divadejunk Premium
Shawn, it has been a journey and one I'm pleased to see you're continuing with your website. You can keep in touch with many of us on Google + I wish you all the best.
MarionBlack Premium
Sad to see you leaving WA Shawn. Please stay in touch. ~Marion
Kathy331 Premium
Sorry to see you go Shawn, good luck for the future. :)
apache1 Premium Plus
Wishing you well Shawn take care be well and I have taken note of your site and will visit.
All the best
skc Premium
Thanks Apache and for your inspirational posts.
apache1 Premium Plus
You are welcome and you know always welcome to come back here with you WAUer friends.
Take care