Why Are You Here

Last Update: July 20, 2018

Know Your WHY?

Why did you decide to join and go Premium? What led to you finding this place and now wandering here at WA. Why are you here?

For some of us, it is to earn a living so we can make a life for us and the generation behind us.

For some of us it is to be able to get out of that 9 to 5 routine with weekends off but on call incase Silvia does not show up.

For some of us it is so we can go viral with that one blog, video or article and get to be featured on several platforms.

The idea of being our own boss and letting it run on autopilot is what led us here, for some us.

Whatever that led you here, figure out the WHY behind it.

Maybe you just want to try something new because you younger sister's best friend's cousin's music instructor told her about online business so you decided to find out.

No matter what it is that led you here, remember that the mindset you have or entertain is what is driving you in all you do. i. e. we do what we think and the thought itself manifests in our life in some way.

The struggles that blocked you yesterday has no power of the blessings today have for you. Yesterday is gone. Period! It won't come back unless Elon Musk builds a time machine.

Keep moving forward and never give up no matter what comes. Not achieving your goals is better than not having any goals at all. You failed today, try again tomorrow and then the next day and then the next. You will make it!

Learn to be better than the person you were yesterday and let your WHY guide you every step of the way.

Nothing great comes easy so remember that, behind the struggles lies your freedom and success.

Push through and you will soon be on top of the mountain.

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ElaineSmith1 Premium
Hey Sir Dantes,
Answer the WHY...The past is over, the future is yet to come, so live in the moment.

Tried and True

SirDantes Premium
My why is to reach as many people as I can to show them that there is always something good out of every situation.

If you can dream it, do it. We are all capable of becoming that person we imagine ourselves as in some years time and all it takes is a step each day.

Success Always!
CandP Premium
If you do nothing...nothing will happen.
So, let's do it! Putting our mountain climbing boots on now to reach the summit.
Great motivational post.
SirDantes Premium
Thank you, and yes my mountain boots are already on :) Let's get climbing.
MrTBlack Premium
Great post. You are right, nothing comes easy especially when it comes to building your own success. If it we're easy everyone would be doing it.
SirDantes Premium
Absolutely, it takes discipline to get there. Thank you
Loes Premium
None of those reasons apply to me, I am here to learn all about websites, how you can create those awesome visuals, neat little tricks, surprising content and to get my message out there
SirDantes Premium
Awesome Loes, you do have some neat tricks and I've learned so much from you. Thank you :)
RAFStuart Premium
Just awesome.
SirDantes Premium
Thank you :)
RAFStuart Premium
You are most welcome.