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Last Update: Oct 16, 2012


Hi, just another one of the amazing things I have noticed that has helped me here at WA. The Training, the Videos, the Blogs, Chat Room and all the good people willing to help, what more could you ask for, what really great resources. But another good resource I found myself checking out continually is the COMMENTS to the above. It is amazing when I go yeah I get that, and then I read the comments. Although always very supportive and that is wonderful that is what it is all about, they also can be very informative. Another persons thought on it, a different twist, something else to think about, mull over. Maybe you won't use it, its not beneficial to you. But it doesn't hurt to stop and take another look, give it another thought( but don't get bogged down). So I would like to recommend that you take the time to check out the comments, and even better for me try to leave some comments. Of course the last recommendation is pure selfishness. I have made it part of my learning experience to read them. Hope you will to. Take Care and Keep on Keeping on.

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I always read comments wherever I go! Just a habit. It used to take me hours to read comments in our forum. But, now I do try to read them here on a daily basis even if I don't comment on them.

Yes, I often read/discover great things while reading comments too.

This is very true. Within the comments you will find a lot of answers to your questions and likely answers to questions that you have not come up with. :)

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