Tattered and worn but never give up

Last Update: February 07, 2018

I have been self employed nearly my entire adult life.

I know that successful entrepreneurs understand that an investment in knowledge is our greatest asset. A good education does not come cheep or easy.

It may not always require a large financial investment, however it will always require an investment of time.

I have spent countless hours and thousands of dollars looking for a legitimate course with systems, tools, and coaching/mentoring.

I know there is no magic to become a multi millionaire over night or on auto pilot with no time or money invested.

I was not looking for a get rich program when I was violated by slimy crafty GURU'S.

It sickens my heart to know people sleep at night praying on the pain of people and stealing their dreams when they are willing to spend their last dollar or go into debt to be trained in something they are ready to put all of their spare time into to build their dream lifestyle business that will allow them help others and be rewarded with the ability to spend more time with their family and doing more of the things they enjoy.

I came across this site two years ago and didn't do anything with it because I did not have a product of my own and had no idea where to even begin to create a product. I really was clueless to what it meant to have your own product.

After what I learned through trial and error the last couple of years and spending thousands on snake oil, I come here beaten, frustrated, sad, hurt, and nearly completely broken as a last effort to learn how to build and operate a legitimate online business. One that I invest my time and financial resources's to operate.

I run a home based business as a franchise broker/consultant. It is something I will continue to do for I love helping aspiring entrepreneurs, evaluate themselves, and walk them through the process of selection and discovery so they can make an informed educated decision about becoming franchise a business owner or stay employed.

I have been looking for a bolt on business that would allow me to offer alternatives for my candidates that have the right attitude and mindset to learn and implement what they learn, but may not have the financial wherewithal.

From the testimonials I read, I feel as though I have finally found the right community of like minded entrepreneurs to learn from and it has been right under my nose for nearly two years.

I do not give up easily. If you took the time to read this through and have some helpful advise, my cup is empty so I have more than enough room for advise and information and when my cup is getting full, I promise to share what is in my cup with those that need what is in it.

To the prosperity of all

Simon K

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Watchguard Premium
You could not of said it any better Simon...to the prosperity of us all...good on you Simon and God bless you!!
phoeby123 Premium
You have a great community here.
SimonKE Premium
I believe that to be true. Thank you for the warm welcome
Easy-Moneys Premium
Dear Simon!

Your post brought me to tears!

WA is very much a sanctuary for the online weary!

Just know that there are good and kind and brilliant people here at WA who really do want to help you!

Barb of Easy-Moneys
SimonKE Premium
Thank you so very much Barb.