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I would like to hear from you regarding the following. I would like to know if there is a way I could help at least one person achieve their desired goals.Or maybe you overcame a challenge you could share that may help someone that happens to read this thread.Transitioning from employee to self employed is a process that requires great thought, research and discipline.Many give up on their dream of becoming self employed for a number of reasons.Are you about to give up on your dream of being su
May 08, 2018
I started looking for information related to earning money online back in 2009. I owned and operated a semi truck at the time and I really desperately wanted to be doing something centered in helping people.Since I had been a business owner for several years, I understood everything it takes to evaluate, start and run a business. Dedication, time, and money are three key ingredients to starting and running any business, and I was ready and willing to spend money on education and invest my extra
February 14, 2018
So, I really wasn't crazy about "Learn From Simon" as my brand. Sometimes we need to empty our glass so we can fill it with new information and ideas. As long as my cup is half empty, I have a lot of room for growth. If my cup is half full it is filling up and therefore there is less room for new information and ideas. Thank you WA team Kyle and Carson for the brand training. My new brand is "Career Transitions Headquarters." CTH is a place for all aspiring entrepreneurs franchise seekers and p
I have been self employed nearly my entire adult life.I know that successful entrepreneurs understand that an investment in knowledge is our greatest asset. A good education does not come cheep or easy.It may not always require a large financial investment, however it will always require an investment of time.I have spent countless hours and thousands of dollars looking for a legitimate course with systems, tools, and coaching/mentoring.I know there is no magic to become a multi millionaire ove