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Last Update: February 14, 2018

So, I really wasn't crazy about "Learn From Simon" as my brand. Sometimes we need to empty our glass so we can fill it with new information and ideas. As long as my cup is half empty, I have a lot of room for growth. If my cup is half full it is filling up and therefore there is less room for new information and ideas.

Thank you WA team Kyle and Carson for the brand training. My new brand is "Career Transitions Headquarters."

CTH is a place for all aspiring entrepreneurs franchise seekers and people considering self employment to become educated about all aspects of business ownership, from mindset to planning for a responsible transition, cost to start and operate a business, continued education and exit strategy.

I provide possible solutions that make sense based on the wants, needs, and desires of each individual then walk them through the process of evaluation so they can make an informed decision.

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MarkBa Premium
I like it Simon. It's important to fall in love with your brand otherwise you won't want to work on it. ~Mark
ToLiNoLi Premium
Great job, I like the name, sounds awesome, you should consider to make a Logo and later a Trademark to protect your name and logo.

Great in meeting you Simon.

Stefan, ToLiNoLi
herinnelson Premium
WOW! Great name and very promising business! I sometimes rethink my glass, too! Nice post and keep the momentum going! See you around again!
SimonKE Premium
Thank you
JamesAnders1 Premium
I Like the direction you're headed, you've given some thought to this. You could make a great logo around CTH.

Do well. James
SimonKE Premium
Thank you for the kind words.