The Esoteric Skills of Life

Last Update: March 22, 2013

I have always been a great fan of learning and in my early adult years I have been finding that it is quite possibly the most valuable tool one can have. If you are open to learning you are growing, period.

I feel it is important to have a fluid and ever growing/changing understanding of the world and this is what I mean by being open to learning, its the acceptance of the possibility that anything you believe you know could be wrong.

It takes tremendous courage and faith to accept that sometimes the beliefs we most vehemently cling to may in fact be wrong.

A personal example for me is the old belief that you had to work hard for money, day in and day out, always and in the end hope for the best. I have recently been delving deeper and deeper into the world of investing and the insights have been personally profound. I have been blessed with knowing people in important and key positions in the world of finance and it is through their compassion and my willingness to learn that my eyes have been opened.

It is too often I would try to share valuable investing advice to be ignored or ridiculed by the friend or acquaintance to whom I was talking. They use sound-bites such as "the stock market is just gambling" or "I knew a guy who lost X amount of money in investing with 'insert bond, stock, future, forex, etc."

The funny thing is most times I am just repeating an expert's opinion or my own experience, they still some how don't grow or learn from the very same knowledge which is allowing me to retire earlier with a comfortable pension.

My point isn't investing or making money its the same as many here who are finding success with internet marketing are probably experiencing everyday. The doubt backed with ignorance and perpetuated with an unwillingness to learn and grow (aka change).

I'm pretty new to internet marketing and so far have made only a little money, however I am striving with the understanding that it is because of my lack of knowledge and fear that I have not yet succeeded here. As I feel strongly about this it means I know that its my choice, not someone else's. This belief is what fuels me going forward, it has already proven itself many times in my life, this will be yet another!


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Yea.. It's difficult to believe in this stuff when 99.9% of it is scams in one form or another. It always starts the same; some schmuck stating that they got boatloads of money by doing -insert action here- You too can make boatloads of money if you just give X amount of money to Y thing.
And that's the catch, 'Y thing' is usually the person's bank account, and the only one making money is them. Lol..

And.. oh.. look.. This site is already promoting it's "premium" services.. /rolls eyes.. At least the good scams get you hooked before tossin out the pricetags.
jatdebeaune Premium
I've stopped talking about it to people. Staying open minded, learning, growing, and believing in yourself will get you where you want to go. The naysayers are boring.
Kyle Premium
Well said!
Kyle Premium
I couldn't agree with you more. People become naysayers based on what other people tell them to say, not what they actually know. That is the problem. People tell you that you cannot make money on the Internet because they once spent 15 minutes trying to fill out a survey online.

But they failed to think about it. They failed to look at it like a business. They failed to really put forth the effort it required.

People laughed at me when I started out, although I would never rub it in today, I think people in general are programmed to behave like this and most people don't form their own thoughts and conclusions, they rely on others telling them what the conclusion may look like.
TJ Books Premium
Keep truckin', Dan. John
T.Malvin Curtis Premium
I would concur, we are learning through out our lives. Each new day brings with it a chance to learn something new to evolve.