My First $500month!

Last Update: January 05, 2016

I've not written a blog here in nearly a year and thought to inspire beginners with some success I've had of late.

First, I'm not your average success story here. I haven't set up a schedule and dedicated my time nearly as much as I wish I would. I'm also not yet reached a full-time income online.

In fact my greatest frustration is my procrastination.


I started the website in question, that is generating most of my online income, in March of 2014.

It was just before I quit my then current job. I've since gone onto a better career path, which I hope won't last all that long now I'm beginning to get the hang of this internet income thing.

So this December past marked a huge milestone for me.

I've already hit many along the way: First $1 made online, first $100 made online, first $100 month online, etc.

However this December's milestone is the beginning of something truly special for me, my first $500+ month online.

FOR ME this represents a very real possibility of breaking the 'scarcity mindset' I seem to face everywhere I go, well nearly everywhere but not here in WA that's for sure!

If I could give one single important message to others out there starting their journey, or maybe on the fence about it all, it would be this:

"PERSEVERE against all the doubters, PERSEVERE against self doubt, PERSEVERE against evidence of hopelessness, PERSEVERE until you're 'sick and tired', PERSEVERE until you're 'sick and tired' of being 'sick and tired'... then PERSEVERE and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel and the victory will taste so sweet you will know instantly that it was ALL worth it!"

I know its a tad melodramatic, certainly not my typical demeanor, but then it takes doing things different to get different things!

Keep Kicking @$$,


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StubearBlack Premium
nice man! keep plugging away and I will too
Simkin Premium
I will, best of luck Stu!
KingRa13 Premium
Thanks for the inspiration
Simkin Premium
Your welcome Tavis, thanks your the feedback!
KatieMac Premium
Very inspiring congratulations and may you have continued success
Simkin Premium
Thank you Katie, continued success to you as well!
Lazyblogger Premium
Congratulations Daniel, and keep up the good job.

Simkin Premium
Thank you Bishop!
PjGermain Premium
OUTSTANDING Daniel! Thanks for sharing and keep it up! You "Pro" you!! :-)
Simkin Premium
Thanks PJ!