Barricaded in Home by Wasp - Overcoming Obstacles

Last Update: Feb 2, 2023

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{ Picture of yellow and Black Wasp}

Hello my fellow Entrepreneurs,

Barricaded in a home can sound drastic, yes I agree and it is.

The things we do not see in someone's else life often remains untold.

The real life struggles and obstacles that life challenges us on a daily basis.

But to my dismay, Alas!

We can gain control.

It just takes steps, as a wise teacher, coach told me recently.

Thanks Hicham's Coaching!

Little steps of breaking down the process of understanding the predicament we face.

So the scene is~

A Yellow and Black Wasp, Hornet Insect has found a home in my ceiling roof of my home. There is two and they are mating and this is the obstacle!

{Picture of black and yellow wasp in roof)

Every time I go outside onto my patio, decking on side of the room this Yellow and Black Wasp comes to try attack me.

Flying fast into my personal space.

I do not know if you know but this pest can kill, and it is extremely dangerous if bitten by these deadly missile jet speed insects with armor.

I rang the Real Estate Agent and asked if they can get Pest Control out?

And he somewhat did not take me serious and says "Spray it with insecticide".

However my recollection of these as a child, my father's only way of getting rid of this insect was burning its nest. They are somewhat resistant to household insecticide.

I can not for good reasons put any fire near this insects nest because it is actually nesting in a gap to the roof of my home.

And I am aware that this may trigger some people that do not like harming an ant in this World's majestic kingdom.

However, I do not coexist with Wasps.

I have contacted the Pest Control Service and awaiting a reply!

{ Picture of man with mask with chemical spray}

In the meantime with some quick witted research I have found this old trick of hanging a bottle with some fermented smell in water and one cut out hole.

This as you can see will attract the deadly wasp and trap and drown it, as it struggles to find a way out.

{ Picture of clear plastic bottle with water and hanging in air}

At last the Pest Control company emailed me!

That will be $360 to destroy the nest.

Okay so

I made this necklace in memory of this event with this Yellow and Black Wasp!

I broke a Buddha necklace made with black Obsidian gem beads a week ago. So I recently remade it using some yellow beads.

But somehow it reminds me of this Yellow and Black Wasp!

{ Picture of Yellow and Black Beaded Buddha Necklace}

A fighter, the Wasp is a fighter.

It reminds me that sometimes we do not sit back and take what is dished out to us.

We must fight our way to get through these days too sometimes.

Being prepared is my best friend.

Being ready to Act and see signs of threat.

Threats to your business,

Threats to your life,

Threats to your home,

Threats to your country,

Threats to you world!

I am always looking at nature for evidence of what life is offering.

Having a risk management plan is important.

This Wasp is just a friendly reminder really.

Where I stand in time does not stop still for nothing.

Something is ready and building to take over!

Be ready my friends!

Believe you can and you will.

My thoughts to you.

You are most welcome to comment and let me know what has been your Wasp lately!

And what are your steps of Action!

Kind regards

Erica ~ The jewelry designer producing heirlooms for future generations!

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Recent Comments


Truly it is not good to kill any of Mother Earth's children, but there are times it is necessary. However you care to look at it we were put here or evolved here, or whatever to be the dominant species. This means that we are to survive by killing animals and plants and other life for sustenance.

So long as we do not do it to the extinction of any species (which has been done, unfortunately) and we honor those that we must slay. Whether they are an animal, plant, human, or otherwise.

The yellow and black necklace does honor the brave warriors that are the wasps who are simply defending their chosen home from a large predator. They might not have known that it happened to be your home. Either way, it does not matter. You did what you had to do. And you honor them with the necklace.

I believe that the EarthMother will understand.

Blessed Be


Hello Jd,

Thanks so much for your perspective and I appreciate what you are saying!

Yes the necklace is to honor this situation I am in.

Kind regards

Most Welcome, Erica. :) Blessed Be

Blessings 🙏


Wow Erica! You had the right frame of mind to call the terminator for that!
David is exactly right,as I use all those in my house. Plus I have a wasp spray! A sight of a wasp 🐝 , super spray is the answer! So they are not welcome in my home!!!

Maria 🌹

Thanks so much Maria, I appreciate the kind words of support.

Yes I need to eradicate this before the nest gets out of control!

Kind regards

If you use essential oil in your diffuser, they miraculously stay away!

That is a good idea Maria thanks so much !


We've had wasps several times in and around our home.

Yes, some sprays will take them out!

We also had a pest control person remove the nests each time one was built.

We even had them eat through our plaster and swarm into our kitchen. My husband quickly shut the dogs into a bedroom so they were safe, then began protecting our home while I called a pest control service. Fortunately they came out in less than a hour and stopped them all. I think my husband still has nightmares about it all!

Wasps do remember people, so unless you kill them, you must be very careful as they will follow you to attack you!

Good luck!

Hello Jeannine,

Wow! Your event seems horrendous I am sure I would have nightmares also.

I know right this wasp comes to the window and tries to attack me through the glass. I thought it was memorizing me.

Kind regards

In my experience Erica, hornets are indeed nasty little buggers!!

Burning them is the best way to go in my book, but.... it is obviously not advisable to set fire to your home at the same time!

David has some great ideas below which are well worth trying...

I wish you all the best my friend and do your upmost best not to get stung ok... :-)

Thanks so much Nick I appreciate the consolations.

Yes they are nasty critters I think too!

I am open to suggestions that is for sure.

Kind regards

You're most welcome my friend!

Apart from what David has suggested, maybe get some big hairy spiders in to eat them, but..... that could cause more harm than good!!

Best of luck my friend! :-)

Thanks Nick, lol no spiders thanks!


Not a huge fan of them either my friend!!

Me either my friend! That and few other critters.

I hear you Erica!

Have a fantastic start to the weekend my friend!

Wow Erica!
That was an adventure for you

I'm glad that you didn't scream the place seems as if you were calm throughout

I couldn't say the same thing for me lol

My steps of action is to remain calm even if you're not feeling that way inside

Get rid of all emotions as this stage as they can proved to be a real distraction

By now you will have a clear head to deal with the situation

Thanks Simone,

Yes your right about calming down. Because even with all my doors and windows shut, it appeared inside my room. My heart raced.

I agree to getting rid of the emotion to this.

Kind regards

Definitely the right decision :)

Thanks so much :)

You're always welcome ;)

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