A No-Brainer!

Last Update: October 28, 2013

It took me only a few days of kinda poking around the site, and chatting with folks in the community, only to find out it is very easy for me to loose track of time in WA. There is no one else in my apartment but me so, there is no yelling "will you get off that computer and help me hang these drapes!" This is a good thing because for one, I'm not hearing voices in my head [yet] and secondly, I don't have the distractions most people have when trying to build a website for business online.

Anyway, like most newbies who stumble onto WA, I could hardly believe all the stuff and information that's going on in here! Kyle & Carson and their team has something really special going on in here and it makes me feel like I've finally arrived at a "real" opportunity. It's something that I've read about a million times over the years on other websites: "How to Get Rich In 3 Simple Steps", or "Look at a snapshot of my clickbank account. See the total $1,577,485... All you need is this fantastic software that siphons traffic away from the top ten websites in any niche, for the low, low price of $197!"

After enough of poking around these scam sights[ okay, yep, I bought some of these scams too.], then checking out Wealthy Affiliate, is was without any doubt, a "No Brainer" signing up for the premium membership. I'm happy to be here and, as the rap song says, it's "To legit to quit!"

Well, I'll see you guys and gals in a class I hope.

Kevin Randolph

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nathaniell Premium
Hey Kevin, I'm glad you could see the value provided here at WA. I've been here for a few years, and still use it as my main source for legit, no-hype information. Congrats on going premium!
Kyle Premium
Great to have you here at WA and congrats on going premium Kevin! You have an entire community of support behind you (myself included)! :). I promise that now that you have found WA you will never have a reason to get sucked into ne f these scams again!
DIGGER12 Premium
Welcome Kevin, you hit it on the head :-)
BIS Premium
Kevin - welcome to WA. Yep - you're not the only one to have bought some of those scams. Many of us have. Fortunately you've found your way here to somewhere that isn't a scam. As you say it's a no brainer. Wishing you every sucess