Shwni's "Dad Jokes" of The Day #4

Last Update: June 05, 2019

Dad Jokes

Only day 4 of the dad jokes and it is apparent that they are not as popular as I expected them to be, I mean, my kids bloody love them lol

It's a small one today (As the actress said to the bishop)

So, let's get on with the joke you have all been looking forward too ;)

Chicken & The Egg Joke

"I have just ordered a chicken and an egg at the same time from Amazon, I'll keep you posted on the results"

I'm Here All Week Ladies And Gentlemen :D

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CandP Premium
Always a little light in our day, Matthew.
C & P
Timotheus Premium
Don't stop, Shawn. I'm sure there are many viewers like me, who read your jokes, chuckle silently and do not comment.

Not sure about others, but I hardly comment because I read emails & WA posts while en route to work. Hence, the silent observer.

Have a great day!
Debs66 Premium
Lol maybe it's just my sense of humour lol but they are cringe worthy but do make me laugh. Lightens up the end of my day..

Lolzzz. Cheered me up anyway's.

I would share mine here lol but I would get in trouble for swearing..

All my lot groan when I come out with it.

So I will give you the first part lol.

''What do men and clouds have in common''...

See if you know that one lad.. hee hee 🤣🤣🤣
Shwni Premium
I do not know that one debs but if I know you like I think I do then it has to be a bit smutty, lol
Debs66 Premium
I knew you would like it lol :))
FKelso Premium
Keep us groaning.
Shwni Premium
Well, you keep commenting, don't you ;)