SWAG April end 2018 transitioning to May 2018 Fourth Month SWAG

Last Update: April 29, 2018

This Month and before has overwhelmed me both personally and in terms of time available to do anything of substance. That I must admit, also it takes time to research and produce content of quality.

I'm not efficient by any means, in fact I'm pedantic and I need to get a hold of myself and time to be dedicated. I'm here for a reason and that is to follow the quality guidance that Kyle and Carson, as well as other members offer here at Wealthy Affiliate.

That being said, this week and a half was spent at home, tending to my child who fell sick after having McDonald happy meal. It all started one evening when I thought I had made some progress writing, so we went for a drive through.

That was it. It was the start to a cascade of vomiting and my toddler feeling ill, and having to rush him to emergency at 2 am.

I didn't expect that and it drained me physically and god forbid my toddler.

By no means is this an excuse but in everything to my son, mother, father, everything. I still think in between research and writing, I have a bit of housework to always get done.

However, It is good to know that training at Wealthy Affiliate is an education, which offers flexibility. Another reassurance is that I'm so new I have to work toward being 'seen' or be visible online.

The logo above is of my website for the SWAG challenge. I have read some incredible posts and of high quality from so many members partaking in the SWAG challenge.

So I hope with some might and determination, not to mention a new way of lifestyle, I hope to get a lot done.

I ought to feel smug about chiding vegans, and now for that McDonalds episode and hearing news of E.Coli Breakouts in lettuce or a super bug evolution, I might stay permanently away from eating out and reduce meat consumption at home too. Time for a major overhaul, because clearly my old system was just tripping me up.

Don't get me wrong it's an experiment to test a hypothesis personally. I hope to achieve parallel efficiency in both my websites, and really pick up my slack.

After all May is my birthday month and I wouldn't want to jeopardize my special month by being so weighed down I can't gather strength to focus.

something has to change and it has to change ASAP within me and promote that 'efficiency' and pleasure to HIT PUBLISH On all my drafts sitting in editable mode.

That itself calls for action. So I pray that the worst has tided over and I can give myself another chance.

This is by no means keyword Rich except for: why anyone should be afraid to eat Out at McDonalds at Night Drive through. lol

The result of which is the intense week I hope has strengthened me in every forte and not compromised me.

So without further ado, I will be my best tomorrow.

And I completed creating official accounts for my SWAG website that I have made part of the SWAG challenge. It's a fabulous guide to live by and merge with my first domain in my niche site.

After learning and yes I'm not so experienced yet, about Amazon Affiliate program, itself has imbued a sense of enthusiasm to take it further.

I should be able to reflect back one day and tell myself that I ought to be proud of myself!

someday I wish I hope.

With Luv,

Dr Shweta MG

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HarveyBrown Premium
Hello Shweta life happens, especially when you have children. If you believe in the power of the universe, then you should believe that everything happens for a reason. The challenge is to determine what is that reason. Keep working at the SWAG challenge things will improve. Go over the second months training. I believe Kyle gave us a great way to process content.
Shweta10mg Premium
That was definitely the cornerstone of our training probably the foundation. Right now today I'm mixing it up Swag and niche because before that I was neglecting my niche completely. Then I felt a mix and match would be a good hypotheses to test out.

children are precious and their lives even more so. that happy meal stirred me up but I'm as tough as it gets, and dealt with the same queasy feeling that my son couldn't process.
oh if I had to recollect the week it really kicked me up and created fear in my toddler, that he wasn't well. Sweet little babies don't know so they get scared.

Thankyou Harvey for the words of encouragement and advise.
dchapman3 Premium
Life and what it brings can get in the way sometime, but this is what WA offers. A lifestyle suited for you. Make i work for you and your family. It doesn't have to be one prescribed way, follow your path.
Shweta10mg Premium
That is correct, and the beauty of WA and I really appreciate all of you for the incredible replies :)
MarkBa Premium
I like the way you write Shweta, there's almost something lyrical about your turn of phrase. :)

We all do our best at the time otherwise we would do it differently.

Being a Mother is no easy job so I admire you for doing everything that you are.

I'm pleased to hear that the intense week is over. May the next ones be easier for you and may you get to the end of the next month and feel better about what you've achieved.

~Mark :)
Shweta10mg Premium
your words are a light of encouragement Mark and I too like your posts that you have written. You have a natural way of communication.
Did you check that bookazine out Mark?
I do hope the month of May brings some good luck to my energy levels ....most ask for a lottery I ask to be energetic lol :)

This is definitely a solace of a platform on most accounts.
MarkBa Premium
Thanks Shweta. I have looked at bookazine and I see what you mean. It was the first time I had seen that site. Very interesting. Thanks fro bringing it to my attention. Yes I am quite far behind with a lot so hopefully I can catch up soon. :) Wishing you lots of energy going forward.

~Mark :)
Shweta10mg Premium
You’re welcome Mark, I’m far behind ..like the snail
buffetearns Premium
You have had a tough time! Things will pick up i’m Sure.

Sounds like a story “when a Happy Meal, Made Me Sad!”

You would think they couldn’t get these darn things wrong! Damn junk food!

Shweta10mg Premium
Yes we decided the ultimate resolution would be only home cooked meals. It was so exhausting that I was non stop mopping and cleaning even the carpets with peroxide and vinegar plus soda. Today my toddler is better.
Thankyou Wayne for your words of support:)
Nadja3 Premium
Thank you for sharing your experience. Things are not always happening according to our plans. I had the same issues last months, and I could not complete all the tasks... This month looks better. So, we have to accept things which we can't change, but we still can follow our main strategies
Shweta10mg Premium
Thankyou Nadia for taking the time to read my post. The reassurance is to treat our tasks as evolving education and progress. After all we have all embarked on a time dependent process. :)