Day 9 with Wealthy Affiliate 31, Jan. 2015

Last Update: February 07, 2015

Since I went Premium I found myself buried under a ton of bonuses and gifts from the Founder members and other Luminaries in Wealthy Affiliate.

Then I came to the realisation that with so many freebies means one long road to learning Affiliate Marketing.

OK, so I've been warned by our beloved founders and other leaders and every one else in the WA community that I'll have to work hard, but will ultimately reach the goal set out by me.... or is it for me?

Working hard means hours watching videos, reading the lessons.

Working hard means going without sleep and staying up all hours to study the training videos.

Working hard means putting my nose to the grindstone. I'll be growing callouses on my nose from having said nose to the said grindstone!

I was in two minds by now whether I loved it....or not. Then do I want it....or not. Then can I do this....or not and so on.

I thought over it, about it, round it and under it. The answer is Nope, there's no way over it, about it, round it or under it.

The only answer is there's only one way...GET INTO IT!

Right, so now we know that, what next?

First task.....plan a schedule. Easier said than done! Without enough hours in the day, how do I plan the blessed Schedule?

Put on the Thinking Cap! Think...Think...Think.

Then the Light Bulb clicked. Eureka, I got it! I don't sleep normal hours like others do.

Why don't you sleep normal hours, you ask? Well for a start, being a Senior Citizen, I'm a very light sleeper, and secondly, I'm blessed with sharp ears.

So, what's that got to do with not sleeping normal you ask?

Well, for son snores. Two...the moment its' lights out, every hamsters we have starts running on their wheels! And every wheel has their own sound... One goes whirrrrr, another goes squeek squeek, then there's the one that goes eecha eecha, and how 'bout the one that goes rooaarr. Together with my son, its a real orchestrate cacophony of sound that goes on for eight hours.

Why eight hours you ask? Well, one...that's the hours my son needs for his beauty sleep. Two...the dratted animals are nocturnal and gets very active in the dark and goes straight to bed with the first sight of light (like Dracula).

So now my schedule is, when my son goes unconscious for eight hours...I'm at the computer for eight hours. When he wakes I go to sleep for two hours.

Huh, you ask? I'm a Senior Citizen remember? Senior Citizens are usually light sleepers or catnapers. The rest of my waking hours I wash, clean (the house), feed my son and hamsters.

Now my being in two minds about whether I love the WA and do I want it and can I do it? My decision is Yess I love, want and Can!

See you all in my next blog.

As always God bless my dears...

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Maxiam59 Premium
I agree I having been in the Navy have learned to get by on just a few hours of sleep a day and still be able to get the job done all the best
ShirleyWoon Premium
Hi David. Thanks so much for reading my blog. I've just been dithering on about it for a week now. Has your lovely wife retired yet?
Bless you both...Shirley
bsmith1222 Premium
Great Blog- I usually wake up at 4 am, I go to sleep at 11pm so as a senior I know the strange hours we keep.
ShirleyWoon Premium
Hi young man, thank you for your kind supportive words. We seniors do keep strange hours.
You know you'll be helping many others don't you? So you'll probably be sleeping even less now to be able to achieve that goal.
God bless you...Shirley
bsmith1222 Premium
Yes this is exciting an addicting. God Bless and have a GREAT 2015
ShirleyWoon Premium
Hmmm, addicting? Never been addicted to anything before. This should be Exciting ...(as you say). I'm praying to be a help to others as well...
God bless you and yes a great 2015 to us all.
Sachindere Premium
congrats thats a really good blog
ShirleyWoon Premium
Hey, thanks for reading. Bless you...
Christabelle Premium
Oh Shirley I really enjoyed your post! You had me laughing out loud! Your writing style is grand! & I am so glad you are Doing It! :)
ShirleyWoon Premium
Well, there you are! So glad you are glad, all that I live for...
Love you and blessings...........................
Christabelle Premium
Aww, Love you and blessings to you as well! :)
Allen-W Premium
Congratulations on a good self assessment. While working hard does mean putting effort into it, it can't come at the expense of family, health, and a well-lived life. (Been there done that.)

As far as scheduling goes, let me tell you what I use. I modified this time boxing system from the original to better fit how I work.

First, use the free timer. Google it. It's a free "time-boxing" tool. I write technical material for a living, and this tool is a lifesaver. It even dings when the countdown timer hits zero, and it a website. Nothing to install. Boom. Easy.

You work for 25 minutes, and think of nothing but the task at hand. Then you take a 5-7 minute break. During the break, do NOT think about WA or your website or marketing, or.... you get the picture.

Divide all projects into these 30 minute intervals.

Then when you are looking at a big project, you don't dread how long it is going to take you. You just tick off the 30 minute intervals until you are done. I do this consistently on 100+ hour projects.

And the beauty is you can do 30 minutes here and then another 30 minutes two hours later if life interrupts.

It works. It's the Pomodoro technique. Google it. I modified it to make my own system, and I use it daily as a course developer.

Anyway, have fun with it! Get a plan, stick to the plan, work the plan.

{Insert Chevvy Chase voice from Caddyshack: "Seeee your future... Beeee your future.}

Here if you need me, Shirley.
ShirleyWoon Premium
Hoi Allen, I just sent my new blog into cyber space a minute ago! Did you comment from the future? That was soooo fast.
Thank you for that very nice, very complicated learning tool you jest (pun intended) sent. It's way too learned for me...
I'm going to google and have them decipher what you jest shared. That'll be another hour taken up.
I love you anyway...God bless you and yours...Shirley