Action Videos, Here I Come!

Last Update: May 08, 2019

I have been lately contemplating buying a cheap, far eastern imitation of a GoPro to kick start some video production for my websites and YouTube channels. I have never told anyone this, outside of WA that is, and I have cetainly not dropped any hints.

Today my stepson came to our house to collect some of his clothes and possessions that were still in the spare bedroom he was staying in last year. On sorting through a draw, he suddenly said, "Here, Steve, do you want a GoPro? It's worht about £500."

I did my best to contain a big smile, replying, "Yes, sure, I could use one of those. Thanks!"

I think he has only used it for a charity London to Gibraltar cycle ride he did with his cycling club two years ago. All of the cables are missing, there is no microSD card and there is no software, but hey, beggars can't be choosers, eh? I have a few microSD cards left over from when I used to have an Android smartphone, A trip to the high street will remedy the cable situation and I am sure a search online will find software, a cellphone app and some video tutorials.

So now I have no excuse. Video production, here I come!

Best wishes,

Bruno, Charlie and Steve.

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TimMoto Premium
There you go, so good luck with the project. I like your pup!
MonaStar Premium
Film your pup.
TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Steve (& Partners) ;-)
LUCKY YOU! ;-) So happy for you!
eHugs to your 2 Partners! ;-)
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)
Talk2Ray Premium
I thought about getting one after my grandson used his to capture our latest building project with my grandsons and I. It was a blast to watch. I am sure you will put it to good use.
CandP Premium
Yay! It is meant to happen! Cute pups!
ERichardson1 Premium
Good afternoon my friend, sounds very cool to me, do it do it do it ,have a wonderful night my friend have a successful rest of the weekl.