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May 17, 2019
I’ve just grabbed this image from the Facebook page of one of the gurus from my trusted list. I thought that most of us would be able to relate to it.Have a great weekend everybody.Steve. 😎
I have been lately contemplating buying a cheap, far eastern imitation of a GoPro to kick start some video production for my websites and YouTube channels. I have never told anyone this, outside of WA that is, and I have cetainly not dropped any hints.Today my stepson came to our house to collect some of his clothes and possessions that were still in the spare bedroom he was staying in last year. On sorting through a draw, he suddenly said, "Here, Steve, do you want a GoPro? It's worht about &p
April 17, 2019
Yesterday evening I took the evening off of the SAC because I felt I needed to post to my niche website. All went well as I put together a 1200 word review for some professional quality dog grooming clippers. Tonight I was going to proof read what I had written before adding the links and publishing, so that I could get on with the SAC. My plans were scuppered early on when I received an email from Amazon Associates telling me my account was going to be closed down in seven days and to remove a
I apologize to everyone whose post I have made a comment on and has suddenly seen that comment disappear. Using my iPhone I tried to mark all of my mail “as read”, this on the WA platform. Instead I managed to press “remove me from selected messages”.I’m now going to sit in the corner wearing my conical hat with a large capital “D” written on it!Best wishes to all,Steve.
March 23, 2019
I discovered this great photo collage app which is free and simple to use. You just pick the images you want from your library and slide the frames across before finding the most suitable one. This photo collage app is called, funnily enough, PhotoCollage and the app is available for download, funnily enough, from the App Store. I cannot say whether it is available on Google Play or not.I just thought some of you would like to put a different angle on your images,Best wishes all,Steve.
I have just posted new content on my website. It’s the first time I’ve been in my back office for a few days. The last time I was there, in fact, since the website has existed I had been fortunate enough to have zero attacks. Now when I log in today I find this:That seems to be a lot of attempts to access my back office in such a short time. For that many different IP addresses to be involved from one country makes me think it has to be an organized gang, perhaps even with their gov
How I Got This FarOkay, so I’ve reached Lesson 4.7 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification training and this is task no.1 - my progress report so far. Wealthy Affiliate, for me, proves that there are good ways to make money online. I haven’t yet made any money, so how do I know this?Well, I’ve been trying to succeed in one form of internet marketing or other since the early days of dial-up internet on PCs with a fraction of the capacity of a tiny microSD card these days. I&rs
Just as we are starting to get used to Wordpress 5.0, along comes 5.1, the upgrade becoming available around 24 hrs from now. The techies at Wordpress are promising improvements to the Gutenberg editor.Good luck with it everyone.PS: Wordpress 5.2 is not far away either.
I found this on "The Hippies were Right" Facebook page and thought it worth sharing.
December 29, 2018
I saw this in my Facebook feed this morning. I thought any fellow members currently writing 100 SEO posts for their blogs might be able to relate to the sentiment.