Happy St. Patrick's Day See How Some WA Members Celebrate

Last Update: Mar 17, 2014


This video link is just for fun and for a good belly laugh. See if you can recognize some of our WA members...

Hope you enjoy it!


Happy St. Patrick's Day

Recent Comments


Happy late st. Patricks day haha

Always been said, "Better late than never!"

Happy St. Patrick's Day
Thats what I can say may b it is in memory of the Saint.

Ha that's funny!

Glad you liked it!

Love Jib Jab Happy Paddy's day to you also

Kinda fun to do these. Sometimes it takes the pressure off and just kick back and have some fun.

Thanks for the fun and a Happy St. Patrick's Day! :)

Same to you!

That was cute!

Glad you liked it!

Oh what fun! Happy St. Patrick's Day WA!

Thanks and Happy St. Patrick's day to you!

lovely diversion- thanks for this...I have reason to believe that I am descended from people in Cork- must do the research some day! Andy

Have a great day!

So cute! I feel like a "star!".............Pat

You are a star!

A classic for sure. Good thing you included Julie, she made the rest of us look good (well, Craig's questionable LOL). Happy St Patty's day to you. We have never celebrate this holiday in our house because my wife thought she was the pot of gold (and she is) and chose the 17th as her birthday.

I am only Irish for one day. I don't wear green though. I tell them where to pinch me! lol

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