Happy 1 Year Wealthy Affiliate Anniversary to me!

Last Update: Feb 9, 2018


A year ago on Nov 30th I discovered Wealthy Affiliate.

I was done with online businesses, almost burnt out and over the crap that seemed to be included when you were part of an MLM.

I can honestly say in the past 12 months I have learned so much about building websites, and getting found on Google - for such a minimal cost - than ANYTHING I have been part of. And I was in quite a good system prior to this, but there were too many egos, too many upsells and they really did not have the in depth training like we have here for building your website. It was more about branding yourself.

I do not have a niche website here, (as in from the certification course). I wasn't interested in just one thing enough, to sustain a website ongoing. But for the past 10 years I have learned many things online, hence why I went down the path of the Affiliate Bootcamp and the "money making online" niche.

I am really looking forward to seeing how my website goes over the next 12 months now that it is truly established. One thing I do know about myself, is I know what the alternatives are online and I am over chasing shiny red objects.

Wealthy Affiliate is the home for me!

My biggest Goal is to get to Vegas. I have to meet these masterminds that have, with absolutely integrity, built what Wealthy Affiliate is today. But more importantly, I have to prove to myself that I can have a BIG win from my own efforts, (and yes, I do get I am having little wins, with posts going to page 1 etc!)

So just a big THANK YOU to all who have assisted me along the way. I really cannot thank Jay enough for his trainings and also Kyle and Carson enough for this unbelievable system and the way the run it. Pure brilliance

So it is just onwards and upwards for me!
Cheers, Sharon

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Congrats Sharon glad for you, I recently not chance do work here due to my mum very sick, I guess I will need to after seeing your post.

All the best Candice. I def have slowed down and really need to pick up the pace which I will. Once I get into a routine I am away and I always get the best results that way!

I am starting level 2 training now.

Awesome Lori, all the best in your journey!

Congrats, onward to continued growth and success.


Gidday Mike - thanks for the comment!
Cheers, Sharon

I applaud your participation Sharon. You figure in most of jays presentations I've seen!

Hi Mike
Yeah Jays training is so good. I usually go to most that apply to me. They are really good and will check out the recording of the latest. Turning up is part of the road to success!

1 year wow!! Well done Sharon, I remember when you first joined and how well you immersed yourself with the training here, following the guidelines and working hard.

Now your business is growing and I look forward to seeing many more success posts from you in the future! Congratulations!

Thanks Vitaily. Well that’s all anyone has to do isn’t it? Just follow the training and you get the results and reward.

Of course I thank you also for all your help and advice in my first year. Now onto another!

Of course, I'm very happy to see you grow in this community and in your personal journey :)

So awesome! I’m new here and this week as very inspiring! Thank you!!

Awesome well welcome and do enjoy your journey!

Wonderful inspiration to me to keep on going!

Thanks for this

Hi Noreen,
Yes definitely keep at it, such a great place to be and you are very welcome!

A good testimony for all of us here who are newer.

Thanks for sharing

Hi and thanks for checking out and commenting.
WA is an awesome place to be - you are going to love it here!

Hi! Sharon,
Here come my kudos to you for honestly sharing what you have accomplished and what you have been happy with over the past one year after joining WA. Your revelation further asserts my trust in WA. Indeed, the WA training and support are unparalleled in the market of its kind. Thanks-a-million!

Besides, would you mind to take a look at www.ebettercare.com so to see when and how its contents can be ready for monetization. Your honest suggestion and comments are appreciated.


Hi Chin,

Thanks for your comments.

My suggestion would be just to follow the training and monetize when Kyle suggests to do so. People often do this - Their websites are up, have one or two posts then they add all these affiliate links. There is no point to that, because if they saw their Google Analytics, it would show they have very few visitors.

Your audience takes time to build and by the looks of your site, you started posting on October 3rd. That is really young in website terms. Just keep posting good quality content, and follow the instructions from your step by step training.

Hope that assists Chin,
Cheers, Sharon

Sharon, Thanks, and appreciate the affirming reassurance in the steps of success in WA path. That makes sense. The reason I asked is that I have created a good amount of contents on ED/Impotence already. Well, I will surely work harder toward monetizing process. Please keep on watching and pushing me for bettering.

Best wish to success,


Nice post, Sharon. I hope I can say something similar at my one year mark

Thanks alot Grant and I am sure you will!

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