The Ladder of Achievement

Last Update: November 17, 2017

We use ladders to help us reach what we couldn't originally grab. It's the tool to elevate us from our current position. I use this term here because I want to share with you how to elevate your achievement process.

To accomplish your goals you take it one step at a time. Each step is a new level. With each new level comes new emotions of excitement, fear, anxiety, frustration, motivation, etc.

I am one that loves heights. The higher the better. I have always been a daredevil and push the envelope when it comes to defying gravity. However, my heart still pounds, palms get sweaty, and my knees even shake. I use this analogy to assure you that it's OK to find yourself experiencing different emotions as you climb the ladder of success.

There are six steps on this ladder I want to briefly share with you.

Step One: Think It

The first step in getting your feet off the ground is to think it. What exactly is it that you are wanting to do? Where are you wanting to go? What do you want to see happen? Establish your thoughts.

As, most know by now, I am all about writing things out. As you establish your thoughts then write them down. I even suggest start by writing out the six steps and leaving space between each. Then, write as you step.

Step Two: Establish It

The next step is to establish it into a game plan. Write out your plans. What are the actions needed to bring your thoughts to life? Draw the road map to your dream.

Step Three: See It

I am always saying, "You've got to see it before you see it.". What does this mean? You have to be able to see it within before you can see it unfold. See it in your mind. See it in your heart. Speak it. It's a faith statement.

I was once in a wheel chair and was told I would never walk again. I refused this report. I refused to see myself in the wheelchair. Others may see me rolling around, but I only saw myself walking. I had my weak moments and threw a couple pity parties, but I shook it off and regained my inner focus and started walking inside my heart.

It was a long journey of faith. There were pain, tears, frustrations, and every emotion in between, but four years later I went from the wheel chair to fore-arm crutches and then was walking on my own. another three years and I was back running and biking 10 miles a day.

I had to see myself walking before I could ever see myself walking.

{I do first and foremost give glory to God for I know with Him and through Him all things are possible.}

If, you arrive at Step Three and you still can't see it within, then go back to step one and step two and establish a stronger foundation.

Step Four: Activate It

Activate it. Put your game plan into action. Start walking your road map.

Step Five: Achieve It

You may be on level four a little longer than you desire, but enjoy the view and keep pushing. You will step into your achievement. Don't give up.

Step Six: Extend It

Don't stop at five! Stretch forth your ladder and repeat the steps.

I said at the beginning that I was always looking for ways to push the envelope to defy gravity. Don't let fear stop you from going that extra mile. See beyond your current view and step higher.

With each new level will come new struggles, but you can do it. Look around at all you have already accomplished and tell yourself, "that's no hill for a climber."

You are purposed for a higher level. Keep climbing.

You've Got This,


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AlanJE Premium Plus
Great motivational post! Your achievements start with what you can dream, then you gradually turn this into reality.
Shayne329 Premium
Right on. Thanks.
MoniArora Premium
Hi Shane

A great and inspiring post. Challenges are sent our way to make us stronger..

You are 100% right FIRST you have to see it in your minds eye and believe it before you can make it a reality.

Stay blessed my friend.
Shayne329 Premium
Thanks, Moni. You are so right.
melpeace36 Premium
Wow Shane! You are truly an over-comer. I like that you have faith in the lord. That is always important. I agree that you have to vision it with faith. Very inspiring! Awesome stuff!
Shayne329 Premium
Thanks, Melissa. Always means a lot reading your comments.
DBeatty Premium
This is a very inspiring post. I'm glad you could overcome the wheelchair and walk again. I need to overcome my feelings of insecurity and depression. They are killers of hope and future success.

Shayne329 Premium
Debra, I am believing for you and I believe in you. You were created to be an overcomer!
WLusink Premium
Me too Debra!
heljam404A Premium
Hello Shane,
Thanks for taking the time to write those inspiring words. It really made me rethink some things. I appreciate it so much!
Shayne329 Premium
You are so welcome. I'm glad it helped you.