Are We There Yet?

Last Update: November 16, 2017

Last night, while driving home, I had a flash back of my kids riding in the back seats asking, "Are we there yet?" . It never failed that, within the first thirty miles of leaving the house, one of them would be yelling, "DAD!!! ARE WE THERE YET?"

The worst was vacation time. They were so excited to be heading to our week's destination of fun. They were packed and on the journey. Their little minds were racing with possibilities and the back seats filled with chatter of everything they were going to do.

As I was driving last night with this memory in play, I thought about us here at WA. We are packing and on the journey with such high hopes and great expectations. Just like my little kids, we are yelling, "ARE WE THERE YET?"

Some of our greatest ventures took place during the journey. Don't overlook the ride. Yes, the seat belt might get on our nerves at times and we get tired of the same road, but if we would just wake up to our surroundings we would see so much more on this journey.

Another aspect from this memory was the aggravation of getting to our cabin and realizing that in the rush of packing we forgot something. Take heed on your WA travels. You don't want to get to your destination and realize that you forgot to pack everything. Make sure you are packing this training. Make sure that each step has been folded and in place.

There are also those pit stops along the way. That time to stretch, gas up, and grab a bite to eat. During your WA travels this is important. Take a break from behind the wheel and stretch yourself in our community. Reach out, read blogs, help with questions, add people to your network, etc. This really is gas for your WA vehicle.

The final thought is that no matter where we visited we always came home. No matter how far you make it in your online business, don't forget your WA roots. It's always great to return to the beginning and review new training, new affiliates, reacquaint with old friends, etc.

If, you are feeling a little car sick, just take a quick pit stop and look around. You are making progress. Don't get discouraged. Stop beating yourself up. Check out that view, smile, get back in the drivers seat, and keep moving ahead. You've got this.

When it comes to the question, "Are we there yet?", I ask, are we ever really there? The road to success always extends. Each mile mark is a success destination. When you think that you have finally arrived, check out the map and drive a little further. There is always more to see.

In closing, remember, don't get so caught up in the destination that you ignore the journey and never forget your roots.


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MKearns Premium
No. Black Friday deal doesn't start until Friday 24th!
Shayne329 Premium
frex6 Premium
Good post, with a lot of meaning to it. Just seat back catch your breath and relax-------- then get back after it.
Shayne329 Premium
Thanks and absolutely!!! It's such an amazing journey.
Sourire Premium
This is great advice. Sometimes we get so caught up in the doing of things that we forget to stop an smell the roses along the way and appreciate how far we have gotten.
Thank you for the reminder!
Shayne329 Premium
You are so right. Thanks.
MarinoMar Premium
".....check out the map and drive a little further. There is always more to see."

All the best.
Shayne329 Premium
Thanks and best wishes to you.
AlanJE Premium
Yes great analogy, Shane, you need to enjoy the ride as well! Best Alan
Shayne329 Premium
Thanks, Alan.