When Life Gets in The Way.You Get Tough!

Last Update: February 28, 2015

A sane person would never start a business and then leave it for a month, or would they?

The awesome power of the internet makes it possible to take your business with you, but you all knew that right? So what's my point?

Well, I have come across several community members via chat that are upset because they feel that because of circumstances, they can't continue with the program. The laws that abide a brick and mortar business do not pertain the internet and it's wonderful virtual world.

For anyone who is pressured by life's unexpected surprises and thinks they need to put their business on hold LISTEN TO WHAT I AM ABOUT TO SAY....DON'T!!!

This is the perfect time to stick with it because limited time will force the best content out of you. Because you are juggling so many balls you will be focused for the few minutes you can spare, and like me who has to travel over seas for weeks at a time, we take our businesses with us.

Adversity brings out the best in us, use what ever obstacle is in your way to your advantage. Take breath, organize your thoughts, turn on your computer and spend 10 minutes pounding the keyboard and watch what you can create under pressure.

Make Every Day Count

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Shawn-1 Premium
Thank you all for the kind words. I just hate seeing people put their dreams on hold when they don't absolutely need to.
skyline2178 Premium
That was fantastic Shawn. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!
gadifi Premium
great post Shawn good advice
danbarth87 Premium
Love the post. Make EVERY day count!
gregandrea Premium
Great post Shawn. We have to keep going, even if it's just one small step a day, we'll eventually get there.