Think, Dream, Envison and Dare

Last Update: December 28, 2014

It's that time of year where the past weeks and months become a time for reflection and personal evaluation and the near and unknown future presents new exciting opportunities for us to achieve success.

Each year I take these next few days to take a constructive, but critical look at myself; as a professional, a father, a husband and as a person. Be honest with yourself no one is perfect and everyone has examples of when they wished they could go back in time and have a do-over. Be constructive as well, because no matter how hard you are on yourself (I myself have had some epic fails in 2014), there are also examples where you were spot on.

Learn from your history so you're not doomed to repeat it. Sometimes we outright drop the ball, other times we lacked the proper information or resources to get it right. Recognizing where and how we went wrong and making corrections even if they don't change the current situation is how we keep from making the same mistake twice.

Time really is the ultimate commodity, there is only so many hours in a day so we have to capitalize on every opportunity and make optimize our time management skills because before you know it we will be right back to where this blog began.

Lastly remember to dream, dreams are good for us, they serve to show us what our imaginations can do and what our human spirit is capable of achieving. I'd like to end this with a story about my father who was and is such an influence on me.

In the late 50s, early 60s after my father was out of the service, he worked at a hotel as a bus boy. One time he was working a convention filling the water pitchers on the tables when he heard a man presenting. The individual struck a cord with my dad, the way he looked, tall, slender well dressed and spoke elegantly hi swords resonated with my father.

Later that evening during the dinner dad was bussing the table where the speaker was sitting and when he thought it proper my father approached the individual and said how much he enjoyed the lecture (what he could hear of it) and asked him what he [my father] could do to become a success. The individual replied that he couldn't possibly know what could make any one man a success, but offered to explain what made him a success. He said four words, think, envision, dream and dare. Think what it is more than anything else that you would be happy to do for the rest of your life. Envision yourself doing that very thing, really see your self in that role and being the best at it. Dream of all the rewards that could be yours by doing what you love. Dare, dare to make it all happen, when others say it can't be done or your crazy dare to prove them wrong. This is my scripture and if I'm a success it's because f these four words. My father thanked him and turned when the individual asked for his name my father said "My name is Francis Martin, people call me Frank". The individual relied "Pleasure meeting you frank, I'm Walt Disney".

Have a happy, healthy and safe New Year, make every day count.

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DaveSum Premium
Excellent story! To a prosperous New Year to us all at WA!
gadifi Premium
Sounds like your father was quite a man to introduce himself and listen to the right words that the speaker told him.
have a happy new year