Where Have All My Ideas Gone

Last Update: August 20, 2015

One year ago when I joined WA, my head was so full of ideas that I could not write fast enough to get them on paper. Now I wish someone could help me find out where all of my ideas went. For some reason I am unable to get anything on paper. I Think of a lot of things I want to say, but when I sit down to write, the words seem meaningless.

Where Do Ideas Go

I don't understand how something can be so strong in ones mind and slip away so fast. I love writing about horses, for my horse website, as you are all aware of, but I know that there are not that many people in our community that are prolific horseman. So I need to write about other things.

Many Site Problems

I think many of my problems come from the fact that I have run into so many problems with my site, mostly technical problems, that I have lost a lot of drive. When I started my site, I was the biggest newbie in the world, I was extremely computer illiterate about my own computer let alone starting a website. Please don't get me wrong, I have learned a lot, but it is hard to try to learn how to follow the steps for building a website when you don't understand much of the language being used to explain what you need to do, then add to the fact that I am over 65 and a person that adores the outdoors and would rather be anywhere outdoors than to be indoors.

Is a Turn Around Possible

Is it possible for me to turn my life around? I can only hope so, I am a little old to play outdoors! I am very serious about my desires for the future and I have always loved to write. I find the worst problem is learning how to focus. This is not a new problem, I have always had trouble with focusing on anything. When I am outdoors I can find a million things to do, yet inside, my mind goes blank! This has to change as I am no longer in physical condition to be out like I once was.

So Much to Learn so Little Time

I have had some very important and difficult jobs in my life, and I excelled in all of my positions. However none of those positions required learning so much about so many different things. My major set back this Summer has been trying to understand Google Analytics and Google AdSense, these two subjects, even though it appears I have them up and working, I don't understand them and I sure don't feel comfortable with either one. I am going to see if the Analytics team can help me out of this mess. I am way over schedule and time is passing too quickly.

Help Has Come From So Many

I have requested help so many times, from so many in this community, and God knows that almost all have responded in a big way, but it is hard to help someone who just does not comprehend the material as is required. The funny thing about all of this is that both of my websites are up and running and in the beginning I got a lot of comments about my content, everyone seemed to really like what they read, but I am not ranked on Google, there are a lot of little things that need to be fixed, many of which I have tried many times to fix, to no avail.

Not About to Quit

It is not in my DNA to quit, so I have just renewed for 2016 and I will keep pluggin and pray that I make some headway this year. The teachers are great the material is great the student is, well???????????? I thank you all for listening and helping and just being there.

Do Your Posts Disappear

Do your posts sometimes disappear? Well just wait they shall return. I wrote this post on Monday and stopped to answer the phone, when I returned to publish it, it was gone. I was very upset, but did not have the wear-with-all to rewrite it. So I just decided to forget it. Well here it is Thursday morning, I was going to write a post and low and behold there it was. Never give up on this site. It saves everything, just give it time.


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roamy Premium
Hello Sharon
thanks for sharing, most of us have been there, it helps to get up, do as little or as much but do something.(this is what gets me through)

lm not computer savvy, writing is a nightmare but it helps never to give up.English is not my language, writing not my thing but when l see my post written by ME ( l also outsource from time to time)in page1 of google,it`s enough to keep me going.

Take your time, go at your pace, repeat 10X if you have to (l sure have) and thigs that seem impossible will fall into place.
wish you so much success.
SamiWilliams Premium Plus
We all have our times- and yes learning computer is a challenge. I usually open to the course study, and begin to review. Pretty soon I begin to get into the flow and the ideas pop out again- I am sure we all have our own way of getting creative again. Have you ever done a series on how to start your child in the riding world? From searching our the available places to learn, to what is needed to start, to the overall benefit of knowing how to ride to the self confidence of the rider? When my granddaughter was wanting to ride, my daughter had trouble finding much information to help her with this. May not be in your interest range at all- just my thoughts Hang in there- the ideas will flow
Rich908 Premium
Thank God - I am not the only one who felt that way - see my last two blogs I speak about being overwhelmed and losing the motivation.
Failure is not falling down - but staying down . (Mary Pickford)

Warmest wishes

Watch this to cheer you up
Frank Sinatra | Pick Yourself Up -( paste this into You tube )
NemiraB Premium
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience. Focusing is not easy at every stage of age in life. I think if you have proper motivation, it would be a lot faster to reach our goals. Best wishes, good luck in your adventures:)
mlight56 Premium
Every thing comes with time and effort ... if you have learned one thing today then that is one more thing that you are going to be able to use as a tool ... don't give up ... you will win in the end ... cheers ... Michel
SharonAllen1 Premium
Thanks so much for the encouragement, and the other comments. I'm sure we all have our own issues to deal with.