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I thought that this would be impossible...... but I outranked Google for a keyword that actually has "Google" in it. Don't believe me?Pearl Digital Marketing is one of my sites for the services I offer and I published an article back in June about how a local business can create a short name and URL in Google My Business.I didn't think much of it at the time as I only intended to share it with clients, but I still created a keyword list from the article and loaded them into my position tracking
I was randomly checking some keywords that I had previously targeted and found that one of my blogs was being featured as a Google Featured Snippet so I thought I’d share what set this blog apart from others. What Is A Google Featured Snippet?Have you ever wrote a question in Google? Chance are, the first Google result is actually a featured snippet. For example, if I type “how to tie a tie” into Google, I get the following result:This is a Google Featured Snippet. How Did I G
Happy New Year and welcome to my second income report!Last month I made a grand total of $180.45 in income.... however I had $304 in expenses, meaning that I had a loss of $133.55.This past month looked very different... both on the amount of money made and where it came from. Let's take a look!IncomeIn December, I started offering services related to my niche website and, to be honest, my affiliate activity dropped a bit. I still published a few articles for my site, however, I also attracted
December 05, 2018
It's now December and it's very easy to taper off and start to slow down in preparation for the holiday season. I've already seen it with many of my business acquaintances... they are pushing back meeting until the new year and are putting off completing projects since Christmas is just around the corner.But here's the thing. Now is your opportunity to set yourself up for success in 2019. If you increase your activity now, you're going to have something to come back to in January. You're going
November 30, 2018
Welcome to my first ever income report since joining WealthyAffiliate. I decided to write a monthly income report for a few reasons:Publishing my results keeps me accountable to myself and the results I'm gettingI believe in being transparent, so I wanted to share my journey with the communityIt forces me to tally up all my income and expenses and think analytically about the month that has just passed. IncomeI derive my main income from my offline businesses but I decided (for now) to keep the
I signed up for the annual Black Friday special as few days ago but I had also just made a payment for my monthly members. I remember sitting there with my mouse over the "Place Order" button thinking to myself...I wonder what's going to happen when I go annual even though I've just paid for another month...Well, I decided to be a guinea pig of sorts and processed the order. So, What Happened?A little notification popped up saying that since I had already pad a month, the price of the Black Fri
I've just upgraded from monthly premium membership to the annual premium membership for one simple reason... it makes financial sense. If you're here to build an online business, then you are going to need to start thinking like a business owner. A key part of being a business owner is something I refer to as:Knowing Your NumbersWhen it comes to knowing your numbers, one of the most important numbers to know is your fixed expenses, i.e. how much does it cost to run your business every month. If
November 22, 2018
Last month, I started a new niche site in the marketing automation niche. On the site I explain basic marketing principles and discuss tools to automate businesses (both online and offline). I knew full well that Black Friday was coming up, so I angled my first few posts towards email marketing since many promotions by the pros on Black Friday are going to be sent via email. I included affiliate links in a few of my posts but never expected any sales to occur so early in my new websites existen
All marketers should have a folder saved somewhere named "Swipe Files". A swipe file is quite simply something you've seen that you're saving for later, with the intention of either adapting to your own use or using as inspiration. Swipe files can include:Email copyWebsite copyWebsite designFacebook ad copy/designOther ad copy/designetc etcI think you get the point. Why Collect Swipe Files?Well, swipe files are usually tried and tested so they get result. Now, we are coming up to Black Friday s
I just want to take a moment to remind you that the skills that you are learning here at Wealthy Affiliate is not just for affiliate marketing... I also run a few offline businesses and, to be honest, my SEO game sucked before finding WA. When I joined WA, I started implementing the learnings into my websites for my existing businesses. The results speak for themselves... prior to WA my keyword count was around 30... right now it's 281.I get a few enquiries each month and have converted clients