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Last Update: January 25, 2018

Gone are the days where businesses are focusing directly on themselves and to satisfy their own needs (Marketing Myopia). Businesses are now getting the hang of things and are taking a more Customer Focus Approach. This goes for both brick-and-mortar and Online businesses. Let's remember that customers are the primary purpose of any business, its lifeline, backbone and should be held as priority. Therefore the responsibility is on us to know our customers! Knowing your customers needs is a great way of showing you care. We don't want to only create our websites, fill it with affiliate links and hope to make a couple bucks; but rather, we should genuinely care about people, their wants and needs. Everybody is looking for solutions to their problems and we as marketers/business people can definitely help! To know your customer checklist means to find out what they are looking for, their wants and needs. Here are a few ways you can do this.:

1. Conduct market research - Read, conduct interviews, observe market trends, analyze market demand, conduct surveys etc in order to gather info of what customers want.

2. Ensure your niche is based around something customers want - Of course you should choose a niche that interests you or something you love, but in doing that you should think about customer's needs as well. Is it going to drive traffic and benefit the customer?

3. Put yourself in the customer's shoes - Basically do unto others what you would want them to do unto you.

4. Quality Content - Your content should be of quality and beneficial to your targeted audience.

5. Ask your customers open ended questions- This will facilitate good conversation and your customer will feel engaged and comfortable to share their wants with you.

These are some ways to know your customer checklist. I hope it helped!

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YogeshG Premium
Hello,thanks for the helpful post.
shaneekxoxo Premium
you're welcome Yogesh!
MarkBa Premium
Excellent advice! What we do is about our customers not ourselves. ~Mark
shaneekxoxo Premium
So right Mark..