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February 07, 2018
New badge earned. i completed the 10 full lessons!
January 26, 2018
Online business has never gotten better. I never knew how 2018 would start out until i found this website and so far it is life-changing. Every day i learn something different, something new that i know will allow me (and you) to reach for the stars in our online business career. We are one step closer to success, one step closer to a new stream of income, one step closer to earning while traveling and more. Wealth Affiliate has created a unique platform that amazes me each time. Forget about
January 25, 2018
Gone are the days where businesses are focusing directly on themselves and to satisfy their own needs (Marketing Myopia). Businesses are now getting the hang of things and are taking a more Customer Focus Approach. This goes for both brick-and-mortar and Online businesses. Let's remember that customers are the primary purpose of any business, its lifeline, backbone and should be held as priority. Therefore the responsibility is on us to know our customers! Knowing your customers needs is a grea
Many people all over the world do things because they have to, because they're compelled to, not because they really want to. They don't love their jobs but they do it anyway. Some will say that at the end of the day, the ultimate reason is to earn money and that's that. But is that really it? Do you want to live life like that? I want to love what i do, because that is how I am going to be comfortable and happy. Happiness is everything. Peace of mind is one thing you want to have. When you lov
January 21, 2018
The idea of engaging in online business is to be successful right? We all desire to be ranked in the most powerful and used search engine, the ultimate milestone. Well guess what? Today I've been ranked in Google and so can you! Wealth Affiliate has offered an amazing platform that is conducive for success. I love it here! I'm learning so much and determined to do my best! Never settle guys, aim high, be optimistic, determined, love what you do, find the strength deep down to just go for your g
In this era, where information is right at our fingertips, we can become successful online Entrepreneurs, flourishing in everything we put our hands to, once we play our cards right. Many people dream of success or entrepreneurship but don't intend to put in the work it takes. So glad we're not in that bubble here at Wealthy Affiliate right? We're people who desire change, people who want success so badly and so, we've decided to go that extra mile, do all it takes...go above and beyond. Making
January 18, 2018
I always dream of traveling the world. What about you? There's something about knowing new places, meeting different people, standing by the Eiffel Tower, even touching the Great Wall of China, laying down on the beach of a beautiful island (I'm a Caribbean Girl so i love the beach), touring Dubai. All that is fascinating! If you are enthusiastic and optimistic as i am, then believe Wealthy Affiliate can make that happen! Bask in your dreams. Engulf in endless opportunities and force your mind
January 17, 2018
So many times we allow failures and shortcomings to dictate to us. We find ourselves having a pity party and telling everyone of the many disappointments. Well, I'm here to encourage you to be optimistic! Look at the sunny side of things, always. When you expect positive things, then positive things will come. Just as how I expected to start the year doing something new, fun and productive - Wealthy Affiliate! This community is the best! I am learning each day and getting better at my career pa