What Is Your Passion?

Last Update: Jan 28, 2023

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What are you passionate about?

I have seen many new comers here at WA and just people in every day life say this when the question is asked of them, what are you passionate about? Response...I do not know what my passion is.

So, I was having a discussion with a fellow affilate member here who is pretty new and gave me this exact reponse as I have seen across the platform from many new comers.

My reply was this,

"I am sure you will find your passion and thats okay if it be awhile. Like when i first started out years ago I didnt know what my passion was either. So, I tried a little of everything till i found something that i truly like.

Which is website building ironically 5 years later. lol I have been back and forward with WA for 6 years, I think and didnt find out my passion till the end of 2021.

I give credit to WA for influencing me in this way. Because i love to write and just recently found out i like to build things.

These are what i call hidden passions. Some things that we were probably fond of as kids and forgot about as adults.

WA and the wonderful people here are the reason why I went back to school for web design and development. I have never been so happy in my life.

No, it is not easy but i am remaining diligent. NewsFlash! I just found out a new skill that I did not know I had. Video Editing! and Im good at it for an amateur.

Keep your head up and stay positive. I look forward to your return and your passion that will eventually turn into a grand business."

After my response our dear affliate found a childhood passion popping up in his head. Will that turn into his niche for his business? Only he can answer that. You see we all have passions. They are just hidden and what certain doctors would call represed memories.

All you need is a key to unlock those memories, or a simple reminder.

  • As a kid did you like blocks or legos? (nack for building something. I did!)
  • Did you like to write randomly? (leads to Author, movie and screen writer ect. I did!)
  • Did you like to draw? (Artist: Web site designer, clothing designer, architecture, painter ect. I did!)

  • Did you like to connect wires together (hopefully not play with them as I did. 😅) Passion: Electrician, hvac, pc builder technician the list goes on with this passion or skill.
  • Did you like to do hair or makeup? Passion: Cosmotologist on a movie set or theater. Lets not just think in terms of having your own shop alone with this.
  • Did you have an active imagination that took you on magical journeys as a child where you dressed up as some super hero? Actor. And the grand academy awards goes to!

You just got to think back to what you wanted to be as a kid. Just start there and advance and you may find yourself like me with multiple passions.

But I am focusing one soley for now as it is good for my businesss. I will work on building that one out first. Then, I will start on my other passions. One at a time.

Only you can make your dreams come true. So take time out and think back...

all the best to everyone.

Ms. Kida

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Thanks for sharing this thought-provoking blog post. This is really helpful for newbies like me. Finding my niche has not been easy. I am still working on it.

Keep writing inspiring posts like this and they will trigger many childhood passions and maybe translate into an awesome spin-off of a niche.

Rachele (aka Auntie)

No problem! I hope it helps!


You do know that you are good at writing right?🤓 You are really good at delivering information well an in baby steps and understanding. Skills that only life time worth of experience could bring.

Oh, you are too sweet.
I try.

You do know that I need your techy skills. right.
We can collaborate one day.

lol!!! Yes! one of these days we shall! Just let me know.

and you do a good job at it.

Thanks, sweetie

You and I are going to an awesome virtual mom/daughter team, I promise. Looking forward.

A good list to help finding one's passion. Such a passion becomes an excellent source for a website niche. If you are passionate about something, you are less apt to quit before you have accomplished anything.

I considered a couple of passions before selecting a niche; ended up with "cats." I am very glad I chose that theme, because I find endless topics to write about. I do love my kitties, and am glad to share that love.


This was beautiful. My truest passion. Is having everyone, the cowboy to the vegetarian to the diabetic, and more at my table for some awesome eats. Everyone enjoying a the company of many people and foods. Thank you for this Ms kida. Have and awesome weekend. I am Dennis (the man with the smoker).

Yes 🙌🏾 Dennis food is way into person heart

I have found a spot for you as well my table. Many thanks. Dennis

Hi, Ms. Kida

I'm passionate about spending time with my wife, helping people, and music.

To make it fun and easy, I started a guitar website. I have no plans to create a business empire with affiliate marketing or anything else. 😎

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

Rick on! Back at ya frank. Music is a universal language!

You and I share a lot of things Ms Kida. Though I already knew what my passion was when I joined WA back in 2013, I actually had so many that it took me time to finally find the right one.

Like you I've been back and forth with WA. Just recently came back after about a year's absence. That absence helped me to focus on my new niche and get it rolling. Maybe I should blog about this?

I agree about those hidden passions. I too used to like blocks and Legos, I like to write, I liked to draw, I like to create things and I have a very active imagination. I developed video games and now websites.

However it wasn't until a couple of years ago during the Covid lock down that I found another passion. I am running with this one now and in the future I will start another, probably one of my hidden passions.

Yes! We do share a lot of common interests. I say save the best for last. Whenever you feel ready to blog about your new passions do it when it is the perfect time to.

Ms. Kida

Exactly! That was my dilemma when I first started. Do I start with the best or save the best for last? I chose the latter.

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