How to Verify Website on Google Search Console and Bing in 2020

Last Update: December 12, 2019

Verify your website on Google Search Console and the Bing in 2020

First connect Google analytics, then verify Google Search Console and then the Bing webmaster tools.

Step 1:
Connect Google analytics to your website.

Step 2:
Go to Google Search Console
here you will find two options to add your website address, We are going to use the "URL prefix" option

Step 3:
Add your website URL (with https//.....)

Step 4:
Click on continue

Step 5:
since you have already connected to Google Analytics, now you will be automatically verified for Google Search Console. (see below image)

Step 6:
Click on "Go To Property" Congrats, you are in Google Search Console dashboard

Step7: After you are able to verify Google Search Console dashboard, the next step is to verify Bing. So go to

Step 8: Sign in to Bing account using Gmail id used to verify Google Search Console

Step 9: After signin you will go to Bing Webmaster Tools dashboard. Here you need to add your website address in "Add a Site" with https://....

Step 10: After you add your website, more details about the site need to be submit

  • Please note Sitemap can be provided later
  • Details such as Job role, Company details, Contact phone, are not required submit.

    Step 11: After you add the site details, it will take you to the below page. There are various options to verify the ownership for your website. We are going to verify using Google Search Console, so click on "IMPORT" button

    Step 12: Now you need to connect the Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster, so click on "Continue to Search Console"

    Step 13: Make sure you are using your gmail id that was used to connect Google Search Console

    Step 14 : Congrats, you site is successfully verified in Bing webmaster

    Now your website is verified in Google Search Console and Bing webmaster.

    All the best with your online business.


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    Tltayl Premium
    This was a perfect training. It took me less than 60 seconds to connect BOTH of my sites. For those of you who have multiple sites, at the end of the easy connection to your first site in BING, it finds your other site and allows you to click IMPORT to connect it. So very easy.

    Thanks a ton for the help!

    Stanleycmng Premium
    Thanks, Shakeel. For sharing.

    Mick18 Premium
    Great training, thanks for sharing.
    megawinner Premium
    Hi Shakeel, it's good for the newbie to see how to do GSC step by step! Thanks, bro.
    ShakeelM Premium
    Thanks, Florentino. I was in WA from 2015 to 2016.
    megawinner Premium
    Wonderful. And it's great to see you back. See you at the top. Wishing you the very best success!
    Ahimbe Premium
    This is a simplified and easy to comprehend training. I like it.
    Thank you.
    ShakeelM Premium
    Thanks, Ahimbe.