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Very happy to see my first Wealthy Affiliate sale after 10 months, but the method I used to get this affiliate sale was tricky. Do not try this method, its risky. It took 30 minutes to setup the Google Ads and it cost me only 50cents for this premium affiliate sale.I got excited and end up spending 40$ for 80 clicks 3 leads. So I paused this Ads.You need to know audience buyers journeyI went after the audience who already made the decision to join the Wealthy Affiliate, and they are now searchi
Congratulations for getting started with your online business. Most of us get lost with an idea of selecting the right niche. Profitable niche is the foundation of your online business success. Keep in mind after you select the niche, you should be ready to work on that niche for 1,000s of hours. That’s why if your niche is boring, you will lose the interest and that is the end of your online business. By picking the right niche, you can focus on your audience and you can build an author
Verify your website on Google Search Console and the Bing in 2020First connect Google analytics, then verify Google Search Console and then the Bing webmaster tools.Step 1: Connect Google analytics to your website. Step 2: Go to Google Search Console you will find two options to add your website address, We are going to use the "URL prefix" optionStep 3: Add your website URL (with https//.....)Step 4: Click on continueStep 5: since you have a