Respect My Authority!

Last Update: February 19, 2019

During the Training, we are constantly told one of the most important aspects to building a successful Niche site is to build Authority within the Niche. Sounds great but it's hard to visualize what this means sometimes!

We are also told to ignore back links, and trust that with time and authority we will build a reliable network of organic back links by building authority and trust. This is what google wants. The whole concept of back links was if people shared your site it must be useful.

This was then gamed and google through it out the window. But the theory is still sound. And even if people are sharing your work they must like it, even if Google is not using this metric as much it's still a great sigh your site is being found AND being liked and used by people.

It's even better if it's being shared by other people IN your Niche. It shows you have at least some level of Authority and respect...people ARE listening to you!


I am in the Travel Niche and Trip advisor is probably the biggest player in the travel advice Niche, There forums and reviews are a gold mine for travel information.

I recently started getting quite a bit of Social traffic coming through analytics on top of my usual organic. Normally when this happens it's Facebook and I just assume it's some bot doing something borderline illegal and ignore. But this was different....this was coming from Tripadvisor!

After some digging I hunted down the source. In one of the forums there was a heated debate, as is often the case in forums, About a certain contentious topic, and my Article about said topic was being held up as the article that "Proves" the case. I was being held up as THE authority Figure and no one from the other side was doing anything to shoot me down.

This is both Awesome and terrifying at the same time. I get a lot of imposter syndrome, I rarely feel I am the really deal and I am just faking all this, waiting for the day I am found out. I really expected to find the source of this traffic to be someone ridiculing me, my site and my opinion.

But seeing this sort of thing shows really how I must be doing something right, This is more motivational and encouraging than my first Commission, My First BIG month, etc...

Making money is great and it's the payoff we all desire, but even when you are doing it repeatedly month on month You can still feel like you are faking it, like it's just an extended run of good fortune, Baron Spells feel right, whereas the windfalls feel lucky.

But to be held up as "the" expert. To be the Authoritative argument, in a room full of experts is a fantastic feeling. They all looked at my little site and said, This guys knows his onions!

This is what Authority is about, and trust me...If I can do it, anyone can!

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SondraM Premium
Hi, I must have missed this post when it came out.

That is an honor that your article was used as "proof."

Just this morning I was reading a marketing book by Seth Godin. From what he said it sounds like it is very common for marketers to feel like an imposter at times. I guess it is part of the business even if you do know what you are talking about.

I hope that you site continues to do better and better.
3dandelions Premium
Just. Awesome!
"Both Awesome and Terrifying"
And definitely more motivational and encouraging!
Go, you!
BorisRoman Premium
Thanks a lot for sharing!

Wish you great success!

Crazyhaggis Premium
Great post and you are right, we all want to know that all of the writing we do a d information we provide is not only seen, but validated.
LauraFuller Premium
WOW! I am impressed. So cool. Congrats.

sgregcrx Premium Plus
Thanks Laura, its the little things that can really give you confidence.