First earnings !

Last Update: November 28, 2016

Well after a just over a month of having my Site indexed I have finally made my first income. Its not a lot, but from small acorns mighty oaks can grow. and its got a lot of growing to do!

Its actually the smallest amount I could imagine, a mere £0.01

A single Penny

Enough for one penny chew.

At the cost of nearly $500 and hours of my time.

A long way to go to early retirement I know, but thought I would report my first Income, no matter how small

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Numerous Premium
Congrats. Keep it up!
Kyle Premium
Definitely beat me to the punch, took me 3 months to earn my first pennies online and here I am 14 years later full time!

One thing that holds true about the online business world is that the time and energy you put forth NOW will always pay off later, usually a few months down the road.

And before you build a significant business, you first must have a solid foundation in place and that should be the first focus!
JudeP Premium
Those pennies will soon add up :)
nnamdi2019 Premium
This is encouraging, and a sign that things are looking up. Just keep at it before you know it you will be a man that is financially independent.

Toshmack Premium
Congratulations, well done and best foot forward :)