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It is hard to believe that I have been a WA premium member for 3 years and counting now. WOW, where did the time go? Get all the juicy details of WA and building a website here.

It seems that I just joined last year, but I am finding myself with a 3-year badge and working into my 4th year here at WA. Do I ever have a good story to tell here, the good and the bad.

Starting Out

When I started I had very little knowledge of what it took to be a successful affiliate marketer, I had a lot of learning to do that was for sure. I quickly found that I was not alone and that I had access the best training on the market to get me up to speed.

With following the training, and the help from SiteSupport and the community, as needed, I built a very beautiful and functional website.

The training was easy to follow and actually kind of fun to be calling it "work". The community here is top-notch, they are very knowledgeable and supportive. And SiteSupport is beyond fabulous, there has never been an issue I've had that they couldn't figure out.

I have lost contact a bit in my absence, but its like riding a bike, you just hop back on and regain your balance and away you go catching up with old friends and making new friends too.

Oh The Mistakes I Have Made

During my three years I have worked very hard to create a trusted website, especially in the first year. The past two years I have moved twice to different states, so not small moves, and not a lot of time for my website. Now I am feeling settled again and have dug back into my marketing.

While I have a wonderful operational website, I have made some grave errors with my website, and I also have bounced back with the assistance of our top quality SiteSupport team, hats off to them! When you mess up like I did, they are the only way out of your error lol.

The First Mistake

So to start with the first mistake I made was not keeping up with my website during my moving around. I was in a new relationship and just put my website on the very back burner.

Then one day I got this wild hair up my butt, and I mean WILD. I should have totally ignored it because I was actually mad at my life and my relationship.

Out of haste and anger I did the stupidest thing possible. I went on my website without checking a damned thing and started deleting posts. I was intent on sabotaging everything in my life.

Well one day after deleting posts and also emptying my trash so they were not recoverable, I get an email from my main affiliate program stating that they have been trying to contact me for back pay that had not been delivered due to poor management of their affiliate program.

Of course my heart instantly sank!, I immediately went to my back office and tried to recover my posts and of course they were all gone! Then I had a thought, it was a mere hope of recovery of some sort. Site Content is where 80% of my articles were written. So I went straight to the Site Content and low and behold there they all sat pretty as can be.

While I could not republish them from Site Content, I at least had all the articles and pictures. I quickly began copying and pasting and soon had all of my post re-established. But my site had already suffered from the damage I had done.

The Biggest Mistake

So once again, another wild ass hair grew in my butt, and I decided to move my site to a new domain. Why?, well I thought that it would be a good re branding step. So, without asking anyone that would have advised me not to do this, I did it.

It was a total disaster that I am just now recovering from. I did it all wrong to start with!

Okay so I went by the steps that we went by when moving our site from the free SiteRubix to my owned domain. Back then we were not hooked to Search Console or Analytic.

I have learned that when moving an established website, always start with Google Search Console and Analytic. I ignorantly did not do this.

Instead, I came up with my new domain name, purchased it and set the theme, and proceeded to switch domains without consulting Search Console or Analytic about my intentions.

My website quickly lost all traffic and was like a new born infant, and it was ALL my own fault.

So I began writing more articles to get my authority back, it has been slow going but, I am not giving up! Also, I am not blaming WA for my own actions, that would be rediculous to say the least.


I am making my come back as I said, writing more articles and giving my site a bit of a face lift by changing the theme, and resetting the Home page. I am also in the process of adding a sub domain to house my products page that will compliment my blog page.

Still, The Best Decision I Have Made

I still hold firm that joining WA is the best decision I have made in a long time. Learning to make money from my computer just before entering a world-wide pandemic was priceless information in my opinion.

If I had it to do all over again I would only change a few things,

  • I would slow down and take the beginning training slower.
  • I would never lose track of my website's stats and affiliate commissions.
  • I would not overthink technical things and get myself into trouble.
  • I would NEVER change my domain name after being established for 2 years.

Aside from that I would keep everything else the exact same. I have enjoyed every second of my time here at WA, even when I was absent.

Starting From Here

As of now I am taking my own advice on not loosing track of my site or affiliate commissions. Hello, that is what we are in it for hahahahaha. I am also going to be more active in the community, we have some really awesome members here. I need to catch up with some contacts and make some new ones.

Thanks for reading, I hope you all have a very blessed day and possibly have learned something from my mistakes. Hey even if it just gives you a good chuckle wahoo.

Stacie Fortson

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    Happy anniversary Stacie, time flies when you're having fun right?

    I did something similar with the domain name change. I thought I had all things covered but didn't and ended up losing a lot of my backlinks and social media links. I did remember to put in 301 redirects and kept the old domain for a while to push them through so it wasn't all bad news but it does take some time to bounce back. Well done you for sticking at it.

    Thanks for sharing your experience, makes me feel not alone in this struggle. Definitley hanging on, it wasn't WA's fault, had I asked even one single person here, I would have been advised against it lol, but I was totally hard headed and thought I knew it all hahahahaha,
    Well can I intrduce my new self now, I am Miss Does Not Know It All hahahahahha

    Hey Stacie, congrats on your 3rd year here at WA! Thanks for posting about your story and describing some of the ups and downs that you've had over the years. One thing that stands out, is your determination and drive to succeed. You've learned that like anything in life, your business needs attention and it's something that will continue to grow if you invest into it. You've got a tool now that you can work on for years to come and it can generate revenue for you indefinitely.

    Congrats again, and awesome post!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article. I know you and Kyle are so very busy, it is always nice to hear from you personally.
    You are so correct, I do have a money making tool that will last for many years to come. I am totally determined to make it work too.
    Thanks again for the encouraging words!

    Stacie, well done on being a member of WA for 3 years
    You've done well
    You're still here!

    Nevermind about your mistakes,
    We've all been there
    The important thing is that today is a new day
    A new day for us to start anew
    That is what we are now focusing on

    Looking forward to hearing more about your progress
    Wishing you continued success on your journey

    Thank you so much 🙂

    You're welcome

    We've all made bad decisions along the way. It's part of the learning process. Glad you are back on track and hopefully by your next anniversary, you'll have everything running smoothly.

    For sure, maybe even sooner lol

    Happy Three Year WAnniversary, Stacie!

    Even though you made mistakes, you WILL learn form them and become an even bigger success!


    Thats for sure!

    That's the spirit! 😎👍👍

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    Create Your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account Today!
    4-Steps to Success Class
    One Profit Ready Website
    Market Research & Analysis Tools
    Millionaire Mentorship
    Core “Business Start Up” Training