Frist Sale

Last Update: December 09, 2018

After 5 months with WA, I just made my first Affiliate sale.I thank God for it. Even though its a small commission on a product priced at $29.99 I feel elated.

I believe this is only the beginning. And hoping for more sales in the near future.

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sdawson Premium
congratulations! Just the first one, many more to come. - shirley
HBajwa Premium
Congrats! Best of luck for your next bìiiiig commission.
Terand Premium
Awesome and congrats, Sajjana! More to come and best of luck and success! :o)
WayneF1 Premium
Fantastic 💯🎂🎊🎁!!!! So happy for you. Keep rolling.👍
smartketeer Premium
Congrats Sajjana!

Well done!

Once an avalanche has been started ...