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Last Update: September 15, 2013

I Have a Dream

Here is my vision...

It's June 15, 2014. My internet business is blazing and I now have enough investment funds to open my own Softball/ Agility training gym in Oregon.

My Mission:

Establish myself as an affordable fitness trainer/ expert to men women and children in my area. Fitness training and consulting will be made available through my company regardless of a clients socioeconomic status. We will offer sponsorships to anyone interested in becoming fit and living a fit and healthy lifestyle. We will transform the lives of thousands one client at a time through consistent fitness education.

It Takes GOALS and FAITH to move mountains.

In spite of countless obstacles that have stumbled me, EVERY time I made a goal and took daily action toward it's achievement I have REACHED my goal.

Thanks to finding WA, I am even more confident in reaching my goals because of the tools that are now available to me.

The only members of this site who do not succeed in establishing or growing their business online are those who refuse and fail to set detailed and quantifiable GOALS backed by FAITH.

Try following this easy plan:

  • Set a SPECIFIC and QUANTIFIABLE goal. It is not enough to say, I want to be a millionaire by the year 2014. You need to get specific. Identify what your big goal is and then work backwards to identify the amount of money per month you will make. How much you will make each week, day, per hour. Then determine how many hours per day you will work.
  • Set a DAILY ACTION PLAN. Okay, this part is really KEY. Write down on paper what a day in the life of YOU looks like Monday through Sunday, per every hour of every day. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. This is getting SPECIFIC! By doing this, you will establish accountability. You will now when you are getting off the tracks.
  • PLACEMENT- In order to achieve anything, you need to surround yourself with people that have similar goals and interests and who are willing to HELP. That is the beauty of WA. There is an abundance of helpful goal driven people!
  • PRIORITY- Focus only on top priority issues. Eliminate any time wasters and set your priorities.
  • REWARD- Identify ANY and ALL accomplishments. None are insignificant and you need to celebrate each and everyone. This will drive into your subconscious and make you hungry for more.

These are just a few really basic strategies I use that keep me on track.

Slow and steady wins the race. Once you identify your path, it doesn't matter how many times you stray from it. At least you know where you are going. Which is more than most of the population.

As always, I wish you abundant success, love, peace and happiness.

Keep Moving Forward!


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wealthmaker45 Premium
You have made an awesome blog post. I hope everyone will read it. I plan to copy it for myself as I keep thinking I need to set goals and this gives me a plan. For me I know I need to set small enough goals so they are attainable and that will encourage me to keep going. We need to have a strong why we are doing what we do.
SerainaLee Premium
How kind, thank you and I am so happy to hear this was helpful. I agree, I like to set daily and weekly goals as well. It helps to know daily, that progress is being made. Take care and keep in touch!
WAKenko Premium
WOW! Another great blog!
SerainaLee Premium
Thanks again! :-) How is everything?
thor11 Premium
At least you know where you are going"..I like that and I think that´s most important. Without direction we are lost,we can´t focus and there is no results in this case! Wish you best of luck Seraina, stay slow and steady but mowing forward
SerainaLee Premium
Thanks Thor and I appreciate that! So true, I think many people are in zombie mode. Good to know where you are going.:-) Keep in touch!
Trialynn Premium
Great words of advice, now implementation!!
SerainaLee Premium
Thank you for reading! Implementation can be the toughest part but not if we are passionate enough about our purpose!
caylynn Premium
Your best post ever! See yourself there, you will get there! ^_~
SerainaLee Premium
Thanks for the support Caylynn! WE will get there.:-)