Reshaping My Life to Accommodate Change

Last Update: July 31, 2019

Hi everyone. This is my first post because I really thought that I did not have the expertise or authority to share in front of dick a large community. I thought I needed years of experience and success behind me before I'd be credible enough to be read.

Now, after almost a year of reading everyone else's posts I can tell you that, it is You and your daily journeys that have made it possible for me to better identify. You have motivated and inspired me to continue forward--Not to give up!

I'm so thankful for you (the Community), Kyle, Carson and Roope, and have come to the conclusion that we're all going or have been through similar circumstances and struggles along each of our roads to success.

Success for me is a journey of small successes, set backs, struggles, errors and "Ahhh-haa" moments. Maybe even leading to a better change in work ethic, character, habits and mental toughness.

I am experiencing small successes on my journey here at WA. In realizing that I signed up for the long-haul, most of my time has been spent lost and confused.

I've learned to write things down, use my calendar, keep a pen and paper by my bed, utilize my down time at work (like now) to read and write, and then carve out a minimum of 8 hours on each of my 1-2 days off a week to move my business forward.

My journey thus far has made it painstakingly obvious that I have very little time to dedicate to anything outside of work. It's now coming up on a year that I've been a Premium Member here at WA.

I started out motivated and ready to conquer the world, even at my age lol. Never building a business before I was going to aimlessly "make it happen." I'm not sure what I was thinking because I work 5-6 days a week, starting at noon and finishing at 3 am. I had the wrong attitude if I was going to build a sustainable business.

Obviously that didn't last long. Although I became Premium right away, building a website and following the lessons I eventually became ran out of steam and became stagnate. My life was too busy and I had no plan (burned-out, tired, lost and confused).

Even though I wasn't actively moving forward in WA I continued to read WA blogs, emails and made some comments along the way. I now see that being involved, even in the smallest of ways, one comment lead to another, which resparked my desire to succeed in this business.

Motivated to put a workable plan together and continue my journey, I made a couple of friends, wrote some more posts, tweeked my website, have given and received comments, changed my work ethic and attitude--all this lead to a mixed bag of small successes and setbacks.

I now have a workable plan:

- Created scheduled time for business

- Reread and reworked the lessons 1-3

- Writing and rewriting posts with links

- Got "Real" feedback from my Mentor (Roope-Great Mentor and person by the way).


Now I'm on level 3 and started applying to merchants to market. While waiting to hear from some of the recommended ones this past week, all of the sudden...I got Approved by ShareAsale... Wow!

Now I'm really excited. I'm excited about getting approved by a business. I'm still moving forward in the lesson but a bit confused and wondering because:

- My site looks better,

- I only have 8 posts (all indexed),

- I still can't figure out my site map

- I have no traffic to speak of

Obviously something's wrong. Yet now I'm approved to add shareAsale. Hmm... SO I AM TRUSTING THE PROCESS and those who know more then me ????

I am learning the fine art of "Patience." Also, I love the community as you can generally find an answer to any question through the training and questions to the community.

After a difficult conversation with myself about being my own boss and employee at the same time, I came to the conclusion that I would have to fire myself as an employee for being a non producer. Being more involved in this platform, stating my intentions revealing where I'm at and where I want to be held hold me accountable.

I have now re-evaluated my time, goals and gained a new perspective about becoming more productive. It's working! I feel like a student again lol. But there are so many lose ends to tie up.

"Where's my traffic? I ask... Be patient... Keep writing, it will happen-I am told."

Thank goodness for this WA community. I would really be lost without you. So if you're still reading to this point, I thank you. If you're experiencing what I am and/or many others have here and you can identify--YOUR NORMAL. Success is not always comfortable.

So this is where I am at today. I am told that if I stay productive and just DON'T QUIT, I'll accomplish more then I ever thought I could. So you see, it's now IMPOSSIBLE for me to give up. I've come too far and made too many positive changes. I must succeed.

My goal is to replace my income so that I can do WA FT from wherever I want to. I wrote this because I'm excited to be making progress, this is working, and it's time for me to become a part of the community. So I wanted to share with you for the first of many more to come.

Thank you all and I wish y you well,


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JKulk1 Premium
You've done a fantastic job Brian. Your dedication and continued learning will lead to your success. Jim
seodoc26 Premium
Thanks Jim I like that inspiration
accad Premium
Thanks, Brian, we all are at a certain level of success this time.
Tmgreen Premium
Thanks for sharing Brian. I think you're on the right track. Keep up the training and writing.

Best regards,

seodoc26 Premium
Will do Mike and thank you!
edwin369 Premium
Hey Brian,

It's great to see that you are resilient and even more focused. Remember that we're still building a strong foundation... Keep the Faith! Thanks for sharing your site as well - Stay inspired!

seodoc26 Premium
Thanks Edwin... I will
Chris145 Premium
Hi Brian,
As I was reading the first part of your blog regarding your early journey, I thought you were talking about me.

I found reading the entire blog quite inspirational. I'm sure you reflect the journey of many of us on W.A. but you have also shown there is light at the end of the tunnel as long as we persist.

Thanks for your encouragement
seodoc26 Premium
Lol... Thanks Chris. I just started typing on a break at work and 1,000 words popped out. I have found that the more I interact with the WA community, the more I find we are all similar.

Thanks for reading it 😊