Quick way to add and center a Google Ad to your post

Last Update: Feb 10, 2017


Someone had posted this a while back and I couldn't find it again, so I thought I would create a blog post to help people with this.

To add your Google Ad to your post and easily center it:

* Go to Google Ads and highlight, then CTRL-C (copy) your Google Ad text.

* Go to the line and place your cursor in WordPress where you want the ad placed.

* Type XXXX and click on the "Align center" tool to center it.

* Switch from Visual to Text Editor.

* Find the "XXXX" and hold down the left mouse button and highlight it.

* CTRL-V (paste) your Google Ad text over the "XXXX".

* Click Update to save your changes.

* Voila! Your Google Ad is added to your post and centered.

If the Google Ad is brand new, it might take several minutes for it to appear in your post. Also, you don't have to use X's, I just like using them because they're easy to find in the post especially if you're putting your Google Ad somewhere in the middle. This is just a way to do it without knowing how to code centering (which I don't)

Happy Googling!

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You can also centre it by clicking on the ad in visual and using the drop down menu then choose the icon which shows the box centred. Unless something has changed in WordPress.

Sounds much easier if you don't know coding. Thanks, I'll have to try that.

For sure, luckily there is no coding in this.

Thank you, Shannon.

Adding code has really humbled me this week, and I can see that I will definitely be using this advice of yours in the future.

All the best,


Thank you, Shannon for the great advice.



Thank you Shannon.

Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for the good info.

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the info

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