Quick Tip: Don't double space after a period in WordPress!

Last Update: Oct 31, 2015


So, we were all taught in English class that you should always type a period and then two spaces before starting your new sentence. Well, not in WordPress because apparently WordPress doesn't like it. I started noticing indentations on my page if the new sentence lined up to the left, and I have noticed it on many other websites on which I have left comments or feedback.

Just remember: One space after a period in WordPress.

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I never knew that....I will check my sites for this and remove

Thanks for the post Shannon. I didn't know this and I always double space and I have Word set to do this automatically. I will have to change it now as I use word for my writing.

Thanks for this, I like the double space after a period but we can't fight progress can we? :)

Nor inadequate English education from search engine designers!


It's a habit that has been hard to break. Thanks for the heads up.

Hi Shannon,

I learned the double-space too but just like you said WordPress and certain other things don't like it and indent your sentences. I'm pretty sure my habit hasn't died out in Google Docs yet... or has it? (It's been a few months since I used that, haha).

My rule of thumb for spacing / text size / colour of all kinds is to sort of sit back and unfocus my eyes a bit and just see how things are clustered and if it feels right. It's funny how writing creates habits.

There is a lot of fine tuning that needs to be addressed in wordpress I agree but overall it really is not that bad....It just needs some specialized attention.

Techhound in fact it is totally correct. The double space is to emphasise the beginning of a sentence so it stands out a bit. Modern usage is not to use it and frankly that does make reading a bit monotonous in form!

Hey Shannon, I have always used a double space after using a period before starting a new sentence. After doing a fair amount of freelance writing lately, I have come to learn that it is not at all correct. It turns out single space after the period is the only grammatically correct form.

Best Regards,

Jim, I can see the sales copy headlines now: "15 things your English teacher does not want you to know"! LOL! Dave.

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