WA Premium Membership simply rocks - why on earth would you hesitate!

Last Update: July 01, 2017

Each time I log onto the WA community, I see great blogs and success stories and new training developed by Premium members to share with the entire community.

It makes me wonder why anyone would NOT sign up for Premium membership after their trial week. For me, I signed up on Day 3 of my free week and have never looked back. That was almost 3 years ago.

I get free hosting for 25 sites with registered domain names and additional 25 free hosting for the SiteRubix development area. 50 sites are certainly more than I can work on, so If I want to include a site for a friend or family member that I manage for them for a monthly fee, I can practically recoup my $25/month WA membership fee from managing just one paying site hosted here.

I get the certification training which is awesome and is constantly being upgraded. The training covers all aspects of creating my site, choosing keywords, populating it with great content and optimizing it for the search engines.

I get the weekly video training by Jay, who is one very successful man who gives back to the Premium Members at WA.

I get to learn all about monetizing my website with affiliate links, Adsense, ecommerce plugins, and other ways to attract visitors and earn money.

I get the Site Speed feature so my sites will load faster.

I get the Site security feature so my sites are https instead of http sites

I get the Site Comment and Site Feedback features so my sites are reviewed by other WA Premium members.

I get a site Health report and suggestions on how to make each site better.

I get my sites backed up regularly on the WA platform.

I can register my domain or renew my domain name (for nominal fees, right here at the WA platform and host my sites "Free" (as part of my Premium Membership)

I get the right to post any of my questions within the community and have an expert or multiple experts respond to help me.

I get the great site support team and help from owners, Kyle or Carson if I need a difficult question answered.

I can learn exactly how to use WordPress to create my website and can select from many, beautiful free themes to use. In fact, I can setup and publish a website in 30 seconds and have it ready to begin blogging articles shortly after that.

I can also select from many great Wordpress free plugins to use with my websites.

I can also go to a database of previously asked and answered questions from other Premium Members and search for answers.

There is so much offered here at the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, that I can't even list it all. But each benefit is one of the reasons I continue to be a Premium Member here.

If you are holding out on going Premium, you are just wasting time. That time could be used learning more and more and building your websites to become wonderful income makers. I urge you to first go Premium as soon as you can, and then go Annual (paying annually to achieve a better Premium price, and third, to take advantage of Kyle and Carson's Black Friday special in a few months to get the best and most economical payment possible for Premium Membership (about $25/month).

Just Go For It! It's Worth It!


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Ivine Premium
Hi Shirley, you are spot on. Irv.
mybiz4u Premium
Well said and thanks for the reminder, Shirley.
Linda3Adams Premium
My experience so far shows it is definitely worth it.
MAstick Premium
So many great reasons for WA.
susanmacneil Premium
I agree totally!

Thank you for sharing your perspective.