Its been a long road, In a short amount of time

Last Update: November 03, 2019

I've only been a WA member working towards being a successful affiliate marketer for about seven weeks now. In this time I have learned how to build a website using Word Press.

Which, never even heard about prior to coming here. I have learned so much! And have done so much in this brief amount of time, that I have to pinch myself to make sure its real.

So far I have bought a domain name, learned to create posts and pages, learned to add pictures, affiliate links, adsense, Google analytics, and comments.

I have learned how to create product reviews. How to connect my site activities into Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. I have learned how to and where to reach out for help in WA.

This is the most important part, is being able to ask a question when I'm stuck or baffled. And get an answer from the community.

I'm glad I'm here with you all! And I'm happy to be learning something that will benefit me and my family in the future. Thank you to everyone in my network. And I look forward to moving ahead and meeting those of you who are not in my network thanks.

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steveo013 Premium
Fantastic achievement, congrats ... and continued success!
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Fantastic progress! You are to be commended!!

Mick18 Premium
Congrats on your progress. Keep moving forward you are doing wonderful.
Have a great week,
DarrenNicola Premium
Hello and congrats on your progress.
The training here is amazing and will help you to make good progress.
Keep up the good work as the best is yet to come.
All the best
Darren & Nicola :)
CMKetay Premium
Great progress in a short time. Excited too see what your future brings! Christine